Photographical Memories from the Himalayas: Faith...

Hear with your heart...

Temple bells at the Bhairon Devta Temple, Bhaironghati in the Garhwal Himalayas
Temple bells at the Gangotri Temple, Garhwal Himalayas
A temple bell hangs in Gangnani, Enroute to Gangotri
[From top to bottom: Temple Bells

See with your soul...

Colorful chunaris tied believed to fulfill wishes at Gangnani
[From top to bottom: Chunaris (red and silver colored in pictures)
- a symbol of divine power @Gangotri, Gangnani]

Be guided by a hand...

Leaf Diya (candle) being ignited to be floated on the Ganges
Priest chants holy mantras for the devotees
[From top to bottom: A Lamp being ignited in Rishikesh,

... that you cannot hold,

Red Chunari at the Gangotri Temple in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand
Swastik drawn at the Gangotri Temple compound, Garhwal Himalayas

Trust even if you cannot see...

A woman shows the power of faith in Harsil, Garhwal Himalayas
A man immersed in  reading a holy book at Kemundakhal, enroute to Badrinath

That's how "Faith" must be... - JP

Faith - One thing I strongly suggest... if you are sometime planning a trip in the Himalayas!

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  1. Nice post with beautiful photographs.Thanks for sharing.

  2. your posts leave me wanting to do just that Arti - plan a trip to the Himalayas. this is a beautiful post, again precisely what I needed upon waking this morning. It's refreshing to be greeted with faith. I shall make every attempt to see with my soul and I especially like the third photo. You're the serenity in my day. I hope you have a beautiful day Arti.

  3. Hey Arti, as always, nice pics.. But your captions were even better yaar :) I have to plan a trip to Himalayas, but not sure if corporate life will allow it to happen soon :)

    Bloggers Park

  4. Maybe, one day I will see the beautiful Himalayas. Loved your post, Arti! Mahalo for sharing. Aloha!

  5. Such a wonderful, fascinating post as always, Arti, and as always, your photos are superb! I hope you've had a great weekend and may the coming week be filled with all the good things!


  6. So beautiful. Hope to be there some day :-)

  7. Beautiful pictures and anecdotes, especially the last one- Faith! Great post Arti!

  8. As I see these pictures I feel cold don't know why, are they recently clicked.
    I so desperately want to go to such places and wander there alone.

  9. Interesting to see the Chunaris and Sathiya used in this way when we all so often connect them with Nazi Germany.

    Another wonderful post, I so love all those bells.

  10. All the colorful textiles and Chunaris make interesting contrasts in your Himalayan photos, Arti. Looks as though you had some fine days for travel and photography. Wishing you a happy day.

  11. What beautiful and strikingly colorful images of faith!!! Faith in all different aspects. Bells, reading, color, writing, light. A perfect Sunday post, really creative and lovely!!!

  12. I must say I love the bells. Great photos.

  13. Hello Arti! The first pictures colors are so beautiful...and those bells are all so magnificent! Also loved the picture of the gate with the vine growing up it - very pretty!! Have a lovely week!

  14. What a beautiful scene.There are always real lives wherever people live.
    Have a great weekday.

  15. Hi,Arti.
    Posting your many memories from Himalayas deserve to this time of the year.I surely heard many rings ringing in my heart!
    Enjoy your days.

  16. That's a lot of bells. Nice pics once again.

  17. Nicely composed post, Arti! So true, faith is all that we need to enjoy and admire such a God given beauty. Lovely pics. :):)

  18. Very nice and informative post with beautiful pictures.

  19. You always give us nice advice Arti, hope someday i have chance to visit Himalaya ..

  20. Ganga ki god mein :
    Neela aasman , doodhia pahaad ,
    Mandiron ki Ghantiyan,udti Chunriyan .

  21. What is life without faith? It can move mountains, how what to say of human souls? Great captions for great shots.

  22. Faith is something that defines our lives and faith changed my life for better over the last few years making be a better and harsh individual :)

    by the way tell me, have you left anything out there not seen or captured :D :P

  23. Great post - i love it Arti! Have a happy monday!

  24. @ Petty Witter
    Swastik or the Sathiya is a mark made to denote good luck and is considered auspicious in Hinduism.
    The Nazi's seeing its popularity, adopted it as their party symbol but reversed the shape, they used the reverse Swastik.

  25. @ zephyr
    You are so correct, what is life without faith.
    It can certainly move mountains, it can make us see the divine.

  26. @ Santosh bs
    Thats so good to hear.
    And I have left Kedarnath and Yumunotri as of now, but if you wont be quick then even that will slip out of your hands!!!!

  27. very well captured shots with amazing words...

  28. Beautifully captured moments/ feel like being there / everything seems to be at peace in those serene environment.

  29. Oh goodness -this is so spiritually uplifting! Wonderful wonderful post.

  30. nice collection of photographs with background of Himalayas

    thanks for sharing

  31. The first picture is gorgeous. The colours, the peace, the faith. When, oh when, will I get to go to the Himalayas? :(

  32. lovely pics...

    tell me something .. how do you write that label "My Yatra Diary" on your pics...

    would love to do the same for my pics in future


  33. Hi, Arti! I feel like I’m hearing the temple bells ringing. I believe in invisible things, visible things could be deceiving if not seen with the mind’s eye. I respect people’s faith.

    As Red Rose wrote, showing the highlights of Himalayan travels is apt to this time of the year approaching year-end.


  34. Wonderful tour of the Himalayas thru these pictures . Thanks for sharing .

  35. Unfortunately I don't have any plans in near future...perhaps some day when I'll visit, I'll surely have faith..
    Thanks for the photos :)
    They are beautiful..I'll click too when I'll go there and I'll show them to you :)

    I really loved your post and as I was reading, after each one of your new passion, I thought about my self...Though like you, I never thought about anything else than engineering...But here is my list, which I am writing just because it matches with yours..

    I used to play, Tennis in my college days, and just like you I love the game of roger federer..

    I was a serious quizzer during my engineering, after I reached final year, I became the member of organizing committee...

    Then comes the blogging...I too want to write a book but only when I become a mature writer..I don't want to end up buying my own book, that too just for rs 95/- I guess you know where I am indicating :P

    btw I never tried to paint the wall, and here I am..a engineer waiting for my date of joining :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  36. nice pics with interesting lines

  37. Amazing photos of Imalaia!!!
    Many greetings

  38. Hi Arti, you have a lovely blog. I will look forward to following you here. Thank you very much for stoping by my blog, I will always be happy to have you drop in.

  39. Hello Arti,
    Your captions are so deep and profound along with the pictures.
    Tradition passing through long history is also interesting. Everything must have a meaning.
    I'm happy to see part of them here.
    Thank you, Arti.

  40. @rahul aggarwal For watermarking images, I use Faststone Image Viewer... You can check this link out for the complete tutorial -

  41. Great pictures Arti.. I so much want to go away to the Himalayas... the mountains offer so much peace especially to people like us who live the fast city life.

  42. Arti Its so nice to visit ur space after a long ur clicks esp those bells they look so divine ...I was really happy to c all ur clicks....hope u had a wonderful Diwali!

  43. Hi Arti,
    I think each subtitles agreeable your photos and each subtitles have deep meanings. Faith leads happy,I wonder.
    Have a lovely week ahead.

  44. Thanks a lot for providing such a beautiful spiritual travelling experience...its really amazing!!
    Ishwar aapko khush rakhen!!
    Sarika Mukesh

  45. I enjoyed this very much, and like the way you explain what is going on. Thank you for coming by and leaving kind comments.

  46. loved the way u narrated this Himalayan yatra with these divine pictures..

  47. Love the large bells, Arti! Thank you so much for sharing! :) (And thank you for voting for me too.)

  48. Love those bells, they look enchanting! Great post as always Arti!

  49. wonderful photographs!!! the artificial colors blend so well with the natural colors and creates a superb look... the bells, ornaments, dazzling clothes, painted walls... everything looks awesome...

  50. Arti, this is a beautiful post. The pictures are wonderful and you have written a poem - - or a prayer! Perfectly lovely.

  51. The photos themselves already send a story. Can't wait to see the Himalayas!

  52. Arti,
    Loved each and every photograph.There is so much freshness in each.Faith is one that is very much essential when we set on Pilgrimages.

  53. Profound and beautiful verse with the right pictures to support them.

    I've been to Himalayas, to be precise Netala, for my Teachers training in Yoga. It was a wonderful experience to hear the constant flow of Ganga, which I deeply miss for my meditation. For me, it was like faith grew on me, being in the untouched natures lap.

  54. Beautiful! :)
    Thank you so much Arti dear for sharing with us...
    Delightful indeed!

    Keep smiling!

  55. I'm saving for India. Hope to see these fascinating sceneries soon. Thank you for sparking this desire inside me to see these places you visited.

  56. To travel this area you are really blessed and you share your blessings with us. I have to have faith to go on any trip.

  57. Hi Arti

    Its very nice and useful information as well images with titles. I like it

  58. Very interesting blog... Happy to follow you..

  59. Aha! what are the nice enchanting
    pictures /

    I love your spirituality and immense
    love towards nature.

    You yourself are delighted,so delighting us also.

    Many many thanks for the nice

    Sorry for delayed commenting.

  60. Super like...very well written....

  61. Wonderful series. Glad you are putting out your older posts on the blogging networks, they are pretty amazing. Notice more of the north of the country, though.

  62. Very nice pics, wish I could get to the Himalayas right away. It's such a beautiful place.

  63. thank you for sharing this.

    It is very interesting.


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