Review of Arrivalguides To Go - A Travel Guide App by Intel

Every once in a while, we all love to pack our bags and break loose from the daily humdrum of our lives,  don’t we? But have you ever felt that instead of recharging your batteries and energizing your spirits, this holiday of yours actually left you drained out even more? If yes, then one of the major reasons behind this could be lack of planning or no planning at all. Some consider planning a necessary evil, for some it is pleasing and enjoyable but one thing that cannot be denied is that planning does form an important part of traveling. How your trip shapes out in the end, to a large extent, depends on how you go about sketching things in the beginning.

Personally, I love to travel and my idea of travel begins right from the word Go – that’s before tightening my belts and packing my bags! After choosing on a destination, I like to get a lowdown of the place right from its history, restaurants and so on and I must confess that for me, planning not only forms one of the most fun parts of traveling but also adds to the entire travel experience. This research later helps me to do things my way around things I would love to do, so that my high of a fulfilling vacation remains... long after I am back!

Years ago, the only way to do this was guidebooks, tour packages or word of mouth. Today, you have the internet or the laptop and it’s a whole new experience. Of course, spontaneity is fun too but a bit of planning never hurts and you really don’t want to come back and exclaim, 'Oh My! How could I miss this?! I was right next to it!’... Right?

To avoid such a situation and to make things a little easy for you, Intel has introduced an app - Arrivalguides To Go - which aims at giving you an entrée to their 400 destination guides. All of these guides are fully packed with necessary information of a location like restaurants, sightseeing, cafes, shopping and much much more!

Review of Intel App Travel Guide - Arrivalguides To Go

When I opened the app, the splash screen that popped up managed to impress me first up itself with its clean presentation and uncluttered ambiance. Navigation was easy with two different sections – ‘Choose Destination’ and ‘Inspire Me’ leading the way into different countries and cities around the globe.
Splash screen of Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel
The initial pop up screen of the App

The Intel app comes with basic information about various destinations listed with it which include Cambodia, China, India, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and many more. Instinctively pilot your way through beautiful countries featuring more than 100 destinations and ensure that you find address of hotels, the most comfortable restaurants or the contact details of your car rentals at the tip of your hands!

Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel Asia
Various destinations in Asia

City specific features broken down by Hotels, Cafes, Clubs, Shopping, sights and things to do, etc give constructive insights of a location from general introduction and its climate to picture gallery, basically covering all the necessary stuff that a traveler needs to plan a fulfilling holiday.

Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel Destination India
List of cities to choose from in India

The packed details are neatly divided into smaller chunks of info that is trouble-free on the eyes and easy on the mind.  Accompanied by relevant photos and crisp and clearly written content, steering through the app is an experience that is parallel to swishing a book in a bookstore.
Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel New Delhi
Overview of New Delhi in India

Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel New Delhi Guide
New Delhi - Things to do (The pic is that of Lotus Temple)

It also offers an entire section ‘Inspire Me’ which is quite interactive and fun too. If you are raring to make trip somewhere but cannot make up your mind on the place, then this could definitely come in handy. It helps you choose a destination by answering 10 simple pictorial questions and gives you a bucket list of options to choose from, thus inspiring you to pack up your suitcase and get going.

Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel Destination Feature
Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel Destination Family Vacations Feature
The App inspired me to travel to these places

The search feature makes it easier for a user to rummage around the many destinations and directly jump to his desired location.

Arrival Guides to Go Travel Guide App Review Intel Search Feature
Search result for 'Japan'

USP of the App
  • The app scores over the traditional guidebooks by regularly auto updating itself anytime you go online.
  • It respects the fact that a traveler is often out on the road in areas with no internet connection and lets him download and save their guides for offline use too.

Final Thoughts

It’s an effective alternative to the traditional paper guidebook to the regions and lets you get your own fixes and be your own Guide. And what’s more, all this at absolutely no cost! The app is completely free which is an absolute gift - just imagine the amount of information you get!

For a frequent traveler, it forms an excellent travel companion and for a non traveler, it serves a great virtual and learning experience. It is essentially an application for anyone and everyone…

So what are you waiting for? Go for this app today - Be your Own Guide and enjoy a fuss free travel anywhere and anytime!!! Bon Voyage!

You can download this app by following the link - Arrivalguides To Go by Fastcheck AB or you may also browse from a host of other apps by clicking here Intel AppUps Your source for apps.

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