Harsil... Beauty Untouched

Day 2 – Uttarkashi-Gangnani-Gangotri-Bhaironghati-HARSIL-Bhatwari-Uttarkashi

Part IV (Harsil)

Tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas, at 2620 meters into the sky thats approximately 7000 ft above sea level, enroute to Gangotri comes a quaint little village – Harsil.

Sukhi Top near Harsil, Enroute to Gangotri
Himalyan splendour from the Sukhi top while approaching Harsil

Set amidst pine trees and apple orchards, the town is famous for more things than one. It’s a trekker’s paradise, known to offer spectacular views of the Himalayan mountain peaks. It is well known for its local apple produce and is also famed for making an appearance in the superhit bollywood movie by director Raj Kapoor – ‘Ram teri Ganga Maili’.

Snow clad mountains at Harsil - Enroute to Gangotri

The town was still in its pristine condition – uncluttered, neat and serene… just as I had left it years back on my previous visit here - waiting to share its own tale! I tried to picture something of it, by setting out to explore the place.

Apple orchards at Harsil - Enroute to Gangotri

I started off with a visit to the local and the ancient Kalp Kedareshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Kalp Kedar Temple at Harsil - Enroute to Gangotri
The Kalp Kedareshwar Temple

The Kalp Kedar Temple and the idol of Lord Shiva in Harsil
Lord Shiva with the gorgeous peaks in the background

From here, I could see the stream of turquoise blue Ganges water and though I had met mother Ganga only a few hours earlier in Gangotri, still could not resist climbing down towards the banks to catch Her glimpse.

Snow clad Himalayan peaks just as we were approaching Harsil - Enroute to Gangotri
The stream of turquoise blue Ganges water

Down at the banks, there was no one except a village woman drinking the holy waters from the cusp of her hand. On seeing me, she smiled and offered a few drops to me as well! Chilly winds were making me skittish but the warmth of her smile comforted me.

Do you know how the place gets its name? She asked in her broken Hindi. Even before I could give out my reply, she started her narration...

Once, Rivers Bhagirathi and Jalandhari had an argument about which was more significant. Lord Vishnu aka Hari intervened by taking the form of a stone or shila (Hari-shila or Harsil), and absorbed their anger. Even today, the waters of the two rivers become a little less turbulent from here onwards.

On the banks of River Bhagirathi in Harsil
The village woman

Before ending the story and immersing herself in her prayers, she however added one last thing -

So these stones that you see in the river… These are not ordinary stones, Beti! They are Lord Vishnu. Pray to them with a sincere heart… They will make all your wishes come true!

She stood there... praying, I stood there… silent – watching the impeccable views the little town had to offer!

A very beautiful place - Harsil
The snow capped mountain peaks looked closer than ever and the thick blanket of deodhar trees rose upwards towards the freshly scrubbed skies.

The river was flowing graciously, looking bubbly and beautiful in all its charms… and in between lay piles of stones – relentless like faith, stoic like hope – sitting still in the waters… I closed my eyes...

On the banks of River Bhagirathi in Harsil
These are not ordinary stones… they make wishes come true…

At Harsil, I was tempted to believe!

Before we left the place, Vishwanath (our driver) made sure we bought for ourselves the very famous Apples of Harsil. A Britisher, Fredrick E Wilson had planted the first apple tree here in the 19th century. His cottage, it is said was a major attraction in the area until it got destroyed by a major fire recently, ending an important chapter of history. They are available in the town aplenty but we took them from the outskirts on the highway.

Sacks full of juicy, crispy and sweetest apples at Harsil
We spotted these big bags full of apples on the Harsil - Gangotri Highway

Snow clad Himalayan peaks just as we were approaching Harsil - Enroute to Gangotri
Apple orchards at Harsil - Enroute to Gangotri
Apple orchards of Harsil
Can you see some apples fallen down on the ground there?

Fresh from the orchards, the apples were the juiciest, smallest, and the crispiest we had eaten in our entire lives.

Apples at Harsil near Gangotri
The Big Box of 90 kgs!

We were so impressed; we bought for ourselves an entire bag costing just Rs. 400 for 90 kgs! which were more than enough for the entire journey, definitely!

Harsil is also known for Rajma though we didn’t see any.

Related Information

1. Harsil is just about 28 km before Gangotri, 15 km from Bhaironghati, 30 km from Gangnani and 73 km from Uttarkashi.

2. Harsil is a cantonment area, perhaps because of its proximity to the Chinese border and the army is very cautious to whom it opens its doors to. Entry is denied to foreign nationals.

3. There are numerous trekking routes in and around Harsil like Brahmi Tal, Nachiketa Tal, Kush Kalyan, etc. This and the fact that the town itself is quite scenic makes it an excellent choice for stay and accomodation too.

To view the travel route map of Day 2 of our Char Dham Yatra - CLICK HERE

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  1. Beautiful pictures! We would like to travel oneday to the Himalayas.

    I have a question for you. Do foreigners require any special permissions to travel to this part of the country? My wife is a PIO holder and not a citizen.

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  9. @ Sailor
    I am not sure of the exact procedure, I have given the contact number of government run guest houses in the Planning the Char Dham Yatra post... They will surely be able to help you with your query more efficiently.
    And yes, a trip to the Himalayas is so refreshing and is always welcome:)

  10. @ Ginny
    I believe and respect our Holy Scriptures and texts, it is all a matter of faith... If you believe then it is everything, if not then nothing...

  11. Dearest Art,

    What an amazing journey that one cannot get elsewhere!!!! Thank YOU for coming all the way over to visit me for my birthday bash dearest! What an enchanting place you have shown us here. May ALL YOUR wishes come true my dear!!! Anita

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    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

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  20. I do love the color of the water! The apples look delicious! What a great trip you had! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  29. What a beautiful place! Your post made me want to travel some more, and also gave me a craving for apples! :P

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  30. This looks like an incredible place, I love your photos of it. Mountains are my favorite scenery (I live at 7,500 feet elevation), so I love posts like this.

  31. The Himalayas are stunning in scope, their huge and beautiful presence in all shots as a lovely backdrop to any picture. The foothills of mighty mountains is the beginning of a great river, pure and cold. What a wonderful place! The apples are a great buy as the cost for 90 kg is about $9.05 US - excellent purchase!

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  33. The apples look delicious -- and I have to go look up rajma, because I don't know what that is.

    The first part of your post is wonderful -- this place is meditative and serene -- and it is lovely 'hearing' the voice of the village woman. Talking to local people is such a great way to learn.

    Thanks as always for sharing. I have loved every one of your posts, but this may be one of my favorites. I'd really love to go there.

  34. @Sallie (FullTime-Life)
    Rajma is a popular North Indian vegetarian dish consisting of red kidney beans in a thick gravy with lots of Indian whole spices, tastes excellent with steamed rice!

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    Tried posting my comment yester' but couldn't.

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    These days everywhere you get the wax coated apples or Hybrid and that too at exorbitant rates.


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