ISKCON Temple, Delhi

It is such a coincidence that our first stop of the trip was a place I had started my wonderful blogging journey with… almost exactly a year and a half ago…

ISKCON Temple, Delhi

After unpacking our luggage in the pre-booked ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) guest house room in South Delhi, we freshened up and went to the temple.

The ISKCON Temple, Delhi

ISKCON Temple as viewed from the terrace of the guest house

Circular in shape, the temple is very beautiful, decked up with Krishna leelas at the ceiling. The aarti was about to begin. The circumambulation path shows the various ISKCON temples situated all around the world. It was fascinating to look at how ISKCON temples are built abroad.

Beautiful Krishna Leelas at the temple ceiling…
captured just moments before the prayers began

Divine image of Mother Yasoda with Lord Krishna inside the temple

Idols of Sita, Ram, Laxman and Hanuman at the ISKCON temple

Idols of Shri Radha Parthasarthi at the ISKCON temple

Idols of Sri Gaura Nitai at the ISKCON temple

After the prayers, we headed straight towards the snacks counter where I had some Sandwiches and Samosas washed down with a cool glass of Lassi. In addition, the temple premises also houses the Govinda’s restaurant serving buffet meals priced at Rs. 330/person.

Govinda snacks counter in the temple premises

From our balcony we had a good view of the very famous Lotus Temple of Delhi and decided to visit the same in the evening. But unfortunately, as we came to know later on, the temple was closed that day (Monday).

A view of the Lotus Temple (in white) 
from my balcony at the ISKCON guest house Delhi

With nothing much to do that day, I decided to spend the rest of the day at the temple itself. The temple premises are huge; of all the ISKCON temples I have written about till now, this one is definitely the biggest.

Divine image of Lord Krishna along with His 
beloved Radha with the ISKCON Temple in the background

Kaliya Nag Uddhar at the ISKCON temple Delhi

Before retiring for the day, I attended their Vedic sound and light show titled ‘Gita Saar’ which was a 25 minute show aimed at Self realization through Lord Krishna’s teachings.

A life size image of Lord Vishnu with Goddess Laxmi inside the Vedic expo hall

Next morning, we caught the Shatabdi train to reach our next destination Haridwar...

Address of ISKCON Delhi :

Hare Krishna Hill,
Sant Nagar Main Road,
East of Kailash.
Contact no. : 011-26235133,4,5,6,7 / 011-26288816
E-mail :

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  1. I have been here, but ages back! am looking forward to your journey!

  2. Congratulations to a year and a half birthday blogging of yours.
    Thank you for sharing your travel to ISKCON Temple and many photos. Your temples are very beautiful. Also I am intrigued by the Lotus Temple seen from your balcony. Literally, the shape of the temple looks lotus. I went to the beautiful Country Myanmar twice. The photo of boating in your header reminds me of Inrei lake in Myanmar. Thank you for visiting “Green Tomato” and your sweet comment. Look forward to your next post!

  3. Beautiful pictures Arti.. This reminds me of my stay at ISKCON Pandharpur

  4. sigh! i would love to spend the day at the temple....

  5. Delightful post :)
    Loved the images you added ..
    You seems very adventurous !

    thank you so much for stoping by blog..
    Keep Blogging Dear :)
    Take care

  6. Good writing and beautiful pictures!

  7. A wonderful view of your trip. I enjoy seeing your culture through this blog.

  8. Nice pictorial round-up of the temple. Waiting for the Char Dham yatra.

  9. This kind of story interests me more about India. The ISKCON Temple looks like it has a modern touch (design wise) compared to the other temples in India.

    Thanks for sharing your stories. I love reading it.

  10. What a beautiful beautiful temple..the pics are divine !! Loved the last pic and one with Yasodha n kanhaiya..

    US Masala

  11. This has to be the fanciest temple you've posted yet!!! So much to see, and really great pictures, some look like twilight. Our Ash Wednesday is once a year, the sign of the cross is put on our foreheads by the priest, It is made from ashes. It is the beginning of the lent season, leading up to Easter. The ashes represent penitence and coming from ashes. They are made from last year's palm fronds at Easter.

  12. Wow, this is such a modern temple - its great to see the contrast with the older temples I am used to 'visiting' with you and several of my other good blogger buddies. As always many thanks for the the photos, I especially loved the last one of Lord Vishnu with Godess Laxmi who i have not heard of - could we perhaps have a post about her? I know there is always Google but there is nothing like a more personal view.

  13. had visited this place 7 years back .

  14. Thank you for the tour of this beautiful temple - lovely that you are able to take pictures inside the temple; it helps your readers to understand.

  15. @ Petty Witter

    One can indeed see a lot of contrasting features between old and modern Temples, even temples of different regions differ in their make, architecture and structure depending on the customs, traditions and culture prevalent among the people of that particular region

    I will definitely put up a post on Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth sometime next month.

  16. What a gorgeous temple!

    And I love Govinda's - we have a Govinda restaurant in Stockholm!

  17. Your photos today are truly inspiring! I enjoyed the post too.
    I visited a Krishna Conscience community in the UK many times, many years ago. I found it quite fascinating.
    Thanks for your continuing interest in my blog.

    Have a good weekend, Boonie

  18. As always, you have lovely photos and infom.

  19. Hi Arti,
    The ISKCON Temple looks magnificent ... I have never been to Delhi so next time I am in Delhi I will plan accordingly.
    The last picture is my favorite it looks so beautifull. I feel you are doing a great service by sharing your olden days people would return from religious trips and all relatives would hear about the wonderfull journey blog has filled the gap and making me enjoy every moment of your trips...
    thanks for sharing.

    btw with regards to a substitute for eggs this link will be very informative

    take care and look forward to your next post

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  20. With regard to you query this is another informative link for egg substitutes

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  21. the temple looks beautiful... the statues and idols are gorgeous... haven't seen such wonderful statues anywhere... photos are good and seems this place is situated among nature with trees all around...

  22. Dearest Art,

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD!!!! And thank you for your visit and kind, sweet comments! I have a child in my class who is of Indian descent and her and her family travel to India twice the school year; what a BRIGHT child she is and she often shares dances and music from her land. It is such a rich experience as an American to also have a two heritages to draw from and then also see those of others such as yourself who share all its beauty. THANK YOU and have a pleasant weekend!!! Anita

  23. im curious ... what is lassi? if you dont have time to respond, i will google it.
    you surely have some beautiful photos of this temple.
    have a good week
    ~laura xx

  24. Great pics. I remembered my trip to that Iskcon. God bless you.

  25. @ Pooch Purple Reign
    Oh, Laura, please don't say like that... I always make it a point to respond to all the questions that my readers leave here! It may take a bit of time for me to respond but i definitely do it :)

    Lassi is a blend of yogurt with water and tastes sweet, a very good refreshing drink in summers!
    You could see a photograph of Lassi in one of my previous posts here--

    Lassi in Jaipur

  26. Been in Delhi all my life and yet to visit Iskcon. High time I did!

  27. Such a beautiful temple! I once read the Bhagavad Gita - an issue of ISCON - and so i know a little bit about all these godesses and Krishna. A fascinating world! Have a lovely rest of sunday Arti!

  28. beautiful pictures
    Hare Rama Hare krishana

  29. What a magical place! I LOVE the statues - so colourful and interesting in their representations! And lassi? I've had it downunder here in OZ and loved it - but don't know how authentic it is!

    Thanx for visiting my blog - drop back anytime!!

  30. Beautiful captures Arti!
    And very informative write-up :)

  31. thank you for your kind comment . I'm very surprised by your visit on my blog . How did you find me , that is so wonderful because now I have found your blog too .
    A whole other world . I'm living in Holland .
    Enjoy your weekend !

  32. Wonderful shots. The temple is very different from the one in Bangalore.

  33. Wowiee.. u completed a year n half vth ur blog!! :)

    nd d pics of lord krishna's r delightful :)

    I loved dem.. :) Happy journey aarti :)

  34. Hi Arti
    You seem to travel a lot. Sharing those places and the anecdotes sure helps ppl like me;Gr8!!!
    This temple looks so perfect with lovely sculptures and paintings and architecture. I adore Krishna, I think almost all women do. My daughter is nick named Krishna:))
    Good Day!

  35. The one that's at bangalore is very different from this one. The murtis are bigger here but this temple is surely bigger than the one here. Anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  36. great pictorials and well chronicled.

  37. ISKCON has as special bond in my life. Once after graduation, I really thought of becoming a sanyasin and went to ISKCON bangalore and an young Sanyasin there (who also told he himself is an IITian) opened up my heart and told it is indeed possible to be spiritual without taking sanyasa. The brief talk I had with him, enlightened me immensely.

    Will go through all your ISKCON posts. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hi Arti! Great to see ISKON temple, never seen any ISKON temple yet. Divine darshan! Thanks a lot! Thanks for the images too!

  39. Very nice. You should write a book - Arti's 52 weekend getaways from Delhi.

  40. Dear Arti
    Great! Even staying in Delhi for last few decades , I did not know so much more to see!! It is like " Ghar-ka Murgi Dal barabar"...
    I stayed close to this temple but never gone inside ..humm will make a trip soon when the rain starts.
    Have a nice day

  41. Nice post!! And, the images taken from that height, from the guest house show the temple from a whole new angle. Just like looking down a model of it :)
    I've covered the ISKON temple too, on my blog here..
    Have also liked provided a link to this post under further reading, right at the end...

  42. This is one of your posts I loved. Had been doing most of your archices! hurray. nice yaar. nice. thnx for sharing.
    I have seen Iskon temple in Delhi in sept 2006. Its sheer beauty. Must visit Delhi again with my little one no more little- shes growing and is seeing India mostly in pictures and your blog now. She loved watching all your posts u know...she thinks this blog like a tourist guide itself.

  43. @sush Thanks a lot for your encouraging words... I am really glad you and your little girl is liking my work, gives me a lot of motivation :) Hope to see each other often :)

  44. Hare Krsna Artiji

    Thank you for sharing about the ISKCON Delhi temple. I live in US and visited India this March after a long gap. Was planning to visit the Delhi ISKCON temple - but could not do due to lack of time.

    I do have a request for you - please avoid the english word "idols" as it has very negative perspective from the Christian and Muslim perspective who denounce "idol worship". The correct word to use is "deity" or "deities" - which means form of God representing His Divinity.

    Will definitely try to visit the Delhi temple on our next visit to India.

    Hare Krsna

  45. @ Sanjay Goel
    Thanks for that suggestion Sanjay ji. I will keep that in mind from now on.
    Hope you visit the Iskcon temple during your next visit to India.
    Hare Krsna.

  46. Beautiful pics. Loved the Iskcon temple.

  47. I have been to the Iskcon temple in Bangalore.

    Nice post and very detailed


  48. Glad to view the post and blog, best wishes...

  49. Hare Rama Hare Rama
    Rama RAma Hare Hare
    Hare Krishna Hare
    Krishna Krishna
    Hare Hare...I love kanha n lov to be a part of iskon community ....visit to this place is like meeting vid ma kanha so....i jst lov this place...

  50. Hello Arti,
    Thanks a lot for the extensive information. One thing I am in confusion with the iskcon membership is when I try to book for the Room they said that a Member have to pay Rs 200 for normal room and Rs 600 for the AC room. AS you have been to most of the ISKCON Centers can you please tell us on the same. Is it right to charge the members and do you face any such situation where you have to pay.

  51. @techyog


    Thanks for the appreciation, I am glad you liked going through it.

    Regarding the membership and the room charges, there are many ISKCON centers that don't charge a fee for your stay and the only amount that you give is a donation, that too at your free will.

    On the other side, many centers today have a tariff even for their members where the members do have to pay a nominal predefined rate for maintenance. That tariff amount, however, is less than the amount fixed for the non members who have to shell out a lot more from their pockets for the same type of room.

    Hope this helps in clearing out your confusion.

  52. I also visited this ISKCON temple when I was in Delhi. ONe of my friend is member of ISKCON. IN your picture you use word Idols but ISKCON people use deity. you may correct it.

  53. Amazing!
    A must visit place... will surely visit ISKCON temple. Thanks dear for for sharing your experience with us :-)

  54. your wrote about ISKCON..!


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