A Weekend Getaway to Shirdi and Nashik

Hi Everyone… I am back and I so missed all of You just as I missed publishing posts in my own diary... I will be popping over soon to your wonderful places to check out what you guys are up to!

17th-19th July 2010

    During the monsoons, in the month of July, we had planned a 3 day weekend getaway from my place Mumbai to Shirdi and Nashik. Situated 255 kms from Mumbai, it takes around 4 hrs to reach the place. As we left Mumbai at around 5 am to avoid the traffic on the highway, there was a nip in the air and monsoon clouds hovered in the sky. Soon, a slight drizzle brushed against the windows of my car.

The light rains which soon turned into a downpour - Mumbai Nashik highway
[ Enroute to Shirdi... The light rains which soon turned into a downpour ]

    Shirdi is a town which was blessed by the appearance of a modern day saint, Sai Baba, some 100 years ago. Through His blessings, He liberated people of their sufferings and sorrows and also performed numerous miracles.

After spending 64 years in the service of mankind, Sai Baba took Samadhi in Shirdi itself, where a huge temple stands today - The Samadhi temple - from where the Baba continues to inspire new hopes and happiness amongst His believers.

Three hours had passed by and I had started to feel hungry. With Shirdi still some distance away, we decided to stop at a restaurant Bhagatchand Tarachand on the Mumbai-Nashik highway for some refreshments.

Hotel Bhagatchand Tarachand on the Mumbai Nashik highway
[ Hotel Bhagatchand Tarachand on the Mumbai Nashik highway ]

During our drive, along the highway, we saw large groups of people, not sages mind you, just normal people walking, many of them barefoot. Our driver informed us that they were pilgrims on a ‘padyatra’, a walking pilgrimage to Shirdi, coming from nearby towns like Nashik or even as far as Mumbai.

We finally reached Shirdi at 10 am which meant that we practically had an entire day to spend in Shirdi. 

Where to Stay, Eat in Shirdi

There is no shortage of accommodation in Shirdi. But it is advisable to book your rooms in advance if you are planning to visit on thursdays, weekends, festivals and holidays. We checked in into our pre booked room at MTDC’s hotel Pilgrims Inn which is situated at a walking distance of 2 min from the Samadhi temple. The rooms are quite spacious and clean, the service good.

MTDC's Pilgrims Inn Hotel in Shirdi
[ MTDC's Pilgrims Inn Hotel in Shirdi ]

My room at the MTDC's Pilgrims Inn hotel - Shirdi
[ My room at the Pilgrims Inn - Shirdi ]

It also has its restaurant The Neem which serves fresh and tasty pure vegetarian food. Besides this, Woodlands restaurant located nearby is also fine.

Woodlands Restaurant in Shirdi
[ Woodlands Restaurant in Shirdi ]

Contact Details:

MTDC’s The Pilgrims Inn, Shirdi
(02423) 255194, 95, 96, 97

How to reach Shirdi

Shirdi is well connected by roads to most cities in Maharashtra. It is situated at a distance of 255 km from Mumbai, 190 km from Pune and about 100 km from Nashik.

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  1. I've never been to Shirdi... Would love to see the photos of the temple.

    Have a great weekend dear Arti :-)

  2. hey nice blog arti..really like it..
    followin u..
    wer u from ?
    even i had been to haridwar, rishikesh n all in july this year..n quite loved it...

  3. Hi Arti, nice to have you back in blogland! Surely, you'll have lots of impressions to digest from the past months. I love how Indis is so spiritual. Have heard lots about Sai Baba - it gives me hope to have beings like him around in these times! Here, it is very cold and we have lots of snow - quite unusual for this time of year. Have a lovely sunday!

  4. Welcome back, Arti! Where have you been and what have you been up to? I wondered if you were coming back, I missed you!

  5. well written
    thanks for inside pics of hotel

  6. We missed you too Arti! Sherdi looks to be a very modern City. I can't imagine that walking pilgrimage -- that is true dedication.

  7. @Arti

    hi, nice to see ur post after so long time... as usual ur pictures r amazing... my mother is very devoted to shiridi sai baba... she never fails to pray for long time every thursday... hope i'll take her to shiridi someday...

  8. Welcome Arti,Nice to see you . I haven't visited Shirdi though I was in Pune for 6 years. You have kindled my interest .So next visit to Mumbai I will try to make it.
    Those rooms are really clean!!!

  9. a friend of mine is traveling there very soon. im sure she will appreciate this info. i SO wish i was going with her... :(
    hopefully another time for me

  10. lovely place,should plan for a visit soon

  11. Dear Arti
    How are you? Yesterday only I was wondering where were you!! Now you are here with this nice post. Even if I have gone to nasik so many times, but never cd make it.
    I liked the informative write up.
    Have a nice week

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  13. Hey Thanks Arti! It's a gr8 info, contacts and pics made it perfect. It's always nice if we have info from our friend.

  14. Hi,
    Can you please tell me how you have prebooked rooms in pilgrims inn hotel??
    I've heard there is online booking but could'nt find the site

  15. Hello Govind,

    I am sorry, i don't know about the site but you could try using the contact numbers provided in the post above. They should help you in booking of the rooms.

  16. I hope you had a Wonderful tour to Shirdi. It is an awesome place where gods blessings are constantly hovering on all the people. There is a book where they give all the information about all the religious places. Yatra2Yatra is the book. Do have a look :-)

  17. Very nice, thanks to share your itineraries here. The distance between Maumbai to Nashik is 167 kilometre and Nashik to Shirdi by road is 87 kilometre.

    Thanks Again!


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