Pink City - Jaipur

    Time ticked by, since I had left Ajmer… the craggy hills, the village shacks soon started making way for concrete structures, the earthy browns replaced by lovely pinks. The landscape had changed dramatically… Yes, I had entered the ‘Pink City of India, Capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur’.

    Entering the ‘Walled City’ through one of the many arched entryways, it feels like having entered an epic movie set or a fairyland – looking resplendent in a fascinating garb of pink.

Only the Royal family are allowed entry into the City Palace through this gate - Tripolia gate
[ Only the Royal family are allowed entry into 
the City Palace through this gate - Tripolia gate ]
Ajmeri Gate, Street of Jaipur
[ Ajmeri Gate ]

The color with its warmth and affection, which had once been used to welcome Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria, today charms millions hopping in the city.

Pink City - Jaipur
[ Pink City - Jaipur ]

    The rugged fortresses and ancient palaces of Jaipur, that have withstood the test of time, mesmerize every explorer with its bewitching beauty. With a treasure trove of rich architectural heritage and culture enveloped within them, they enthrall every visitor with captivating royal tales of the bygone era.

Central Museum/ Albert Hall, Jaipur
[ Central Museum/ Albert Hall, Jaipur
(taken from moving car) ]

    The broad roads and rectangular layout of streets in Japiur can be traced back to 1727 when art lover King Sawai Jai Singh II together with his trusted engineer, had laid its foundation. The streets which once accommodated the royal horses, carts and elephants are today almost completely taken over by the ever increasing number of vehicles. Still even today, there is a place for that odd camel that will stop by your side at the traffic signals.

A camel at the traffic signal on the streets of Jaipur
[ A camel at the traffic signal 
In the background - famous Golcha theatre]

    The traditionally attired people of Jaipur – women in their swirling ghagras (skirts) and men in their equally multicolored turbans – provides for another colorful link with the past. This blend of old world charm coupled with modernity, air of regal atmosphere infused with an effervescence of simplicity adds to the timeless appeal that has made this city one of the ‘Must visit places in India’.

Traditionally attired Rajasthani womenfolk
[ Traditionally attired Rajasthani womenfolk ]

    Finally, I had reached the last leg of my Rajasthan yatra – Jaipur. With only one day to spare before I caught the train back to Mumbai. But then, even one day can be just about enough if you know the things that you really want to do!!

Where to Stay in Jaipur

    Since Jaipur is one of the most sought after destinations not only in India but also on the map of a world tourist, accommodation is abundant catering to all budgets and needs. During my numerous visits to this city, I have stayed at various hotels and guest houses, two of which find a mention in this diary. Both of these are equally good, comfortable, affordable and peaceful and differ only in their budgets and locations.

Janpath Guest House

How to Reach Jaipur

    Reaching Jaipur is not at all difficult. It is easily accessible from the major cities of India and is very well-connected by all three modes of transport - rail, road and air. By road, It is 265 km from Delhi and 86 km from Pushkar. The nearest airport is at Sanganer, 15 km from the city centre.

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  1. oh my goodness Arti! Jaipur is magnificent and I do believe this is my absolute favorite post of yours. beautiful city... the pink, the fortress, the museum, all hauntingly beautiful! love the camel :) love the "swirling" shirts the women wear - its poetry in motion... every drop of it!

  2. Interesting story and beautiful pictures!

  3. What a wonderful fairytale place! Magical.

  4. So the women always dress like that? Beautiful and etheral! I am loving those big wide streets! I guess there are never any traffic jams! The whole place does look like a fairy tale. Is there any particular reason for the color pink? I think this is my favorite post of yours so far.

  5. Beautiful photos! You have a real talent for photography. Mrs S and myself were very amused by the camel waiting at the traffic light.

    Have a good weekend, Boonie

  6. @ Ginny
    As I have already told, it was to welcome prince Albert..
    The color was choosen after several experiments to cut down on the intense glare from the reflection of the blazing rays of the desert sun...
    Till date the buildings are uniformly rose pink...
    Glad you loved the post.

  7. I had to laugh when I saw the camel in traffic. Here in Pennsylvania we see animals in traffic too -- horses pulling Amish wagons!

  8. So beautiful. Thanks for this post :-)

  9. Japiur is one place i havent yet been to, but have seen through the eyes of so many... yet,its a pleasure to see more pics and read more about this fascinating city! hope i can actually go there soon!

  10. Dear Arti
    I was waiting for your post on Jaipur, very nice and well described. I liked the photo of the ladies in colored attire and shot against light.
    Ironically I have traveled to Jaipur numerous time on official work, start early morning and come back by late night, and never got to see Jaipur..Now I think it is time to go there as a tourist.
    Looking forward to more great posts from you.
    Have a nice week

  11. Hi Arti! Jaipur is a wonderful city with lovely sights toi be seen...
    Thanks for your visit and first time comment at Blogtrotter Two, which is now showing Porto Cervo for your delght... ;)

  12. Great photos - I especially like the one of the musuem, the way the light is shning down is quite beautiful.

  13. Arti, thank you for taking us on a most colorful and beautiful journey of Jaipur. The architecture is spectacular.

  14. I just love learning about India through your posts and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  15. i had been to jaipur long long back but a very beautiful place..

  16. Wonderful photos. So beautiful.

  17. I went to Jaipur last year and, I must say, its an impressive city :-)

  18. I will never visit India, so your pics and descriptions of your beautiful land "carry" me there! What magnificent buildings and architecture - but the old camel stopped at the traffic light really caught my eye. And so did the vibrant colors of the women's clothing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind words! Have a blessed week!

  19. Lovely City. This was a place that our grandson and g-d-i-l visited on their seven-month stay, so I have seen their pictures, but could never get tired of it.

    I loved your comment that one day is enough if you know what you're looking for! We travel like that sometimes and other times just wander and see what presents itself. (The latter of course is easier to do when you're retired like us with no work schedule to meet.)

  20. Beautiful shots of the city. I loved visiting the 3 forts here.

  21. The city is beautiful with its exotic architecture. I love the camel traveling the streets! And the women's saris are wonderfully colorful.

  22. that was a wonderful virtual tour of jaipur
    thank you

  23. Hi,

    Lovely write up...Keep writing more...


  24. This was so interesting. I have been learning many things about India while watching the Commonwealth Games. Have you seen any of the events? It looks like an amazing place to visit!

    Best wishes,

  25. We are planning a Rajasthan trip. But I want to visit so many places. I don't know how?
    I enjoyed your post. We were discussing about the Rajasthan trip yesterday with my son as he is here on vacation.

  26. One of the Indian cities I have heard a lot about but never got a chance to visit..thanks for the visual tour !

    US Masala

  27. Beautiful pics of a fascinating city. laughed at the dignity of the camel, standing to attention, at home in the hustle and bustle!

  28. hi arti

    sorry the belated response i dont know how i missed the post...

    the more i read about your trips the more i am tempted to visit is such a beautiful the midst of all that heat people have learnt to survive ... with so much color being a part of their lives


  29. great have beautifully written abt Jaipur..and I admire you for ur talent in expressing the cities of India so well ..:)
    Chk me too

  30. Lovely photos of a fascinating place. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and taking the time to leave a comment!

  31. thank you so much arti for visiting my blog...your comment felt like an invitation to come and explore yours...and your beautiful country with you! My favorite photo is of the women and their gossamer, butterfly much gorgeous vibrant color!!! Thank you for this mini-vacation to your corner of the world, so far away from where I live.

    gentle steps,

  32. magic! thank you for your beautiful photos and writing. I so appreciate being brought in close to somewhere so far away from where I live.

  33. now you made me want to go to jaipur! hahaha

  34. I have been to the place just once and that was quite long back. Need to go again. :(

  35. i like the picture and your perception of viewing pink city.i tried a lot of time to review u on alexa and i felt their is some problem.i tried it five times.

  36. Photos are excelent and the article too! voted! it deserved more votes..

  37. This is a great post, very visual and informative! I really think you should share it on TA forum so more travellers can read you and get the help needed!

    Also may I share the link to few of your articles on my blog?


  38. Thanks Traveller for the suggestion, Glad you find my articles useful. I will try to share my opinions on forums. And Yes, you may share the 'links' to the articles with due credits to me and my blog site. Thank you. :-)

  39. Not only Jaipur but the whole Rajasthan is a pristine jewel.I love the place very much.You will see the rich and royal culture all around.They celebrate each and every festival with full customs and enjoyment.


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