ISKCON Temple - Jaipur

He is the source of light in all luminous objects. He is beyond the darkness of matter and is unmanifested. He is knowledge, He is the object of knowledge and He is the goal of knowledge. He is situated in everyone’s heart – Bhagavad Gita 13.18

Apart from the Govind Devji Temple, there was one more temple we were keen to visit – the Sri Sri Girdhari Dauji ISKCON Temple of Jaipur. The temple is located in a reclusive location in the southern part of the city and not many people know about the place.

The temple is still under construction and is very well managed by the ISKCON devotees residing there.

[ Sri Sri Girdhari Dauji Temple, ISKCON, Jaipur under construction ]

I had the good fortune of attending the aarti which was followed by a Shrimad Bhagvadam lecture conducted by a foreign resident devotee.

[ ISKCON bhakta's singing devotional songs to the Lord during the Aarti ]

The idols of the two brothers, Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama are very beautifully decorated and depicts the loving bond shared between them.

[ The beautiful idols of the two brothers, 
Lord Krishna in dark hue and Lord Balarama is fair ]

[ A westerner devotee at the ISKCON 
giving Srimad Bhagvadam lectures after the aarti ]

Lord Krishna loved cows hence, the bhaktas here also maintain a gaushala or a cowshed to provide shelter to the abandoned cows and raise awareness about cow protection.

[ Cows taking shelter at the ISKCON Cowshed ]

The quiet atmosphere and the tranquil setting was just like any of the other ISKCON temples I have visited so far (to read about them click here).

Sri Sri Girdhari Dauji Mandir,
Village Dolai, ISKCON Road,
Opp. Vijay Path, New Sanganer Road,
Mansarovar, Jaipur – 302020.

Contact No: 0141 – 278765, 2781860
E- Mail:

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  1. Fascinating information, and your photos are wonderful!

  2. I'm hoping my comment went through since I had so much trouble this morning!

  3. Beautiful temple,never knew there was an iskcon temple in jaipur as well....and happy navrathi to you too arti...

  4. Lovely place - looks perfect for meditation and stillness. Enjoy your time there!

  5. The cows are so serene and beautiful...I'm glad they have a good home all looks so lovely....

  6. hi arti,

    its so nice to know about jaipur iskcon temple ... my hubby is a life member n i got introduced to this beautifull world of devotional life after marraige.thanks to his divine grace prabhupada who has kept the lamp of devotion burning..and make the west understand our true spiritual culture and bridge the gap between the two worlds


  7. I always wondered what the difference is between "sri" and "sri sri"?

  8. O, it looks like a beautiful temple, visiting it was amazing experience for you I'm sure....

  9. You captured the serenity of this temple so well. I love the starkness of all that white.

  10. how large are the idols Arti? its hard to tell from the picture

  11. @Agnes
    'Sri' is used as a title of respect for a deity or a holy man.
    'Sri Sri' may perhaps be used to emphasize the same.
    I am not really aware of any such significant difference between the two, if any.

  12. @Green Monkey
    The idols are about 3 feet tall, Shannon.

  13. Beautiful Temple!

    Happy navratri to you dear Arti :-)

  14. This is a special treat, because you are not usually allowed inside to take pictures. Were you allowed to this time because they are still under construction? Amazing shots!

  15. Lovely pics of the beautiful temple! Have been to the ISKCON of Mayapur and it's as lovely! :)

    Wish to see you in my blog too! :)
    When love calls

    Take care! Happy blogging :)

  16. ISKCON temples are really beautiful. The idols are really bewitching.

  17. Looks like a lovely place. It's always fun to find places that are not well known.

    I love your header and new look of your blog!

  18. well, nice pictures yet again... have heard of ISKCON temples in many places of the country... wish to see one soon!

  19. So very interesting! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!

  20. Thank you for your visit. You have a lovely blog that offers quiet serenity through your pictures. Cathy

  21. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I've enjoyed my visit here this morning. Very interesting and informative blog with wonderful photos!

  22. Hi Arti, thank you for visiting! I hope you have a real good weekend and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this temple!

  23. Sounds like a serene place to visit.

  24. Hi Arti,
    I have included a link to your blog in a new section for travel ... hope you dont mind


  25. हिंदू परंपरा और आस्था के अनुसार अपने से बड़ों और श्रद्धेय लोगों को उनके नाम से पहले ’श्री’ लगाकर संबोधित किया जाता है। जबकि संतों, महात्माओं और ईश्वरीय संबोधन में ’श्री श्री’ का प्रयोग किया जाता है। दो बार ’श्री’ का प्रयोग करने का अर्थ है सम्मानीयों के भी सम्मानीय।


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