Other Temples in Pushkar

Apart from the Lord Brahma Temple, there are some other important temples in Pushkar. I could visit only the Rangji Temple, while the rest of them were given a miss due to lack of time. I am describing some of the important ones below.

Rangji/ Ramavaikunth Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and built in the 1920’s, it is one of the biggest temples in Pushkar and is situated very close to the main ghats of Pushkar Lake. The grand entrance gives you the glimpse of the splendor inside. Beautifully crafted and intricately sculpted in South Indian style, it is one of the main temples of Pushkar. It has a high rising Gopuram typical of southern India. It is said that special persons from southern India were summoned to build this temple.

Entrance to the Rangji Temple - Pushkar
[ Entrance to the Rangji Temple ]

Wonderfully crafted Rangji Temple - Pushkar
[ Wonderfully crafted Rangji Temple ]

Intricateley carved upper part of the Rangji Temple - Pushkar
[ Intricately carved upper part of the Temple ]

Savitri Temple

Located on a hilltop, it is dedicated to the wife of Lord Brahma, Goddess Savitri. One has to climb a series of steps to reach there. It approximately takes an hour to get to the top and the views of Pushkar from there are said to be amazing.

Temple of Goddess Savitri on the hill, as seen from the Pushkar Lake
[ Temple of Goddess Savitri on the hill, 
as seen from the Pushkar Lake ]

Varah Temple

The temple was originally built in the 12th century and houses a life size idol of Lord Varah, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The original temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb and rebuilt by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1727.

Mahadeva Temple

Built in the 19th century, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is constructed in white marble. The idol is five faced and the temple is especially known for the ornaments with which the idol is decorated.

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  1. Beautiful temples. Usually people know only the Brhma Temple and the lake. Good to know about these other temples in this place.

  2. The entrance to the Rangji Temple is magnificent.

  3. beautiful temples ...beautiful narration too like always ...


  4. Nice post! Never been to Pushkar..but reading such lil tid-bits of info makes me want to visit it! :) Really love your blog for this very reason! Cheers!

  5. You captured the view across the lake perfectly.
    Interesting post.

    All the best, Boonie

  6. nice post... as usual contains all the histories... like one particular photo very much- the entrance of the Rangii temple... superb photo potraying the structure of the entrance.

  7. So beautiful!!!!! i hope i can go there one day, thanks for posting this amazing travel inspiration!!!

  8. The scallpoed carving on that outer archway is beautiful! An HOUR to climb the steps? Hmmm, do you think temples would frown on elevators?

  9. Great photos and a nice read, Arti.

  10. The tower does resemble the South Indian one. I also liked the Savitri temple view from the side of the lake.

  11. thanks for taking us on tour through this beautiful part of the world, do like your blog header too, great view

  12. Dear Arti
    Today only I could read this...was just keeping it aside for serious reading ha ha
    Very good information...will see all these during my next visit.
    I feel good that you liked the Venice blog
    Have a nice weekend

  13. hey Arti!
    you have a lovely blog and the pictures raise the tenor of the posts!I see that you have not been to MP.I highly recommend the evocative ruins of Mandu and Orchaa-you will fall in love with them.

  14. Rangiji Temple is magnificent like your post.

  15. Wow , nice info and photos are amazing ...

  16. very nice pictorial presentation. very well narrated.
    when planning my trip I will surely have to consult and have your wonderful insight

  17. Curious to know what's the name of the place used in header image

  18. I find an inbuilt serenity in your blog beside a lot of info about place and pilgrimages-loved to visit here!

  19. been planning a trip to pushkar for so long, and the pictures here want me to do it asap now!

    you have a nice blog.

  20. Wonderful temples, loved the pics ...


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