Where to Stay, Eat in Salasar and Markets

    Like all pilgrim centres, the temple of Salasar Balaji too, is surrounded by bustling bazaars choc-a-bloc with a number of shops selling various items like sweets, coconuts, mehendi and other eatables like pickles, digestives etc. in addition to a range of religious paraphernalia. A number of devotees are seen strolling around, buying things, and just getting a feel of the place.

[ A shop selling pickles, digestives, mehendi,etc in Salasar ]

[ Moli's - sacred Hindu red thread rolls 
being sold in the market.
They symbolize blessings from God... 
Are used to tie the coconuts to the temple tree  (to view the picture click here).. 
Also tied on wrists on religious occasions, hence people also take it back home ]

There are a lot of hotels and dharmshalas nearby the temple where one can opt to stay. Finding a good and clean one can be a problem though.

[ The Bazaars of Salasar besides the temple main gate...
On the far left side is the GHB hotel ]

    On the eating front, there are lots of options too. But, I always have my meals/snacks in the GHB hotel just next to the main entrance of the temple. I have eaten here 2 to 3 times before but this time the food was not upto the mark…neither tasty nor fresh. 
So, if you find or know a good eating or staying place in Salasar do leave a comment so that it can help fellow devotees also.

[ Fresh mosambi and pineapple juice ]

    Hunger had made me weary. With a half filled stomach, I dragged my tired feet towards the car parking area. Luckily, I stumbled upon this fruit juice shop where a glass of fresh sweet lime (mosambi) juice really replenished me up, considering the heat, for the journey ahead...

Before I end this post...
Do you remember this Temple of Varanasi??

Well, it's the Tridev Temple...
I had written in the relative post of 'Temples of Varanasi',
"This newly built temple is dedicated to Salasar Hanuman, Rani Sati Dadi and Khatu Shyam – all these deities have their distinct temples at Salasar, Jhunjhunu and Khatu cities respectively in Rajasthan."
I had never thought then, that i will be blogging about the original temples so soon! 
So, there i go, I have now described all the three original temples in my last few posts (Click on the links above to read about them).

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  1. Amazing photos and great description. I felt like I was there with you.

    All the best, Boonie

  2. Good narration, felt as if I was travelling with you. :)

  3. Sounds like my idea of a perfect visit, thanks for another wonderful post. Is the red ribbon used on all religious occasions or just some?

  4. nice post... the shops look big and neat... it must be a great touring spot...

  5. The red thread is interesting, and the last picture is very pretty! Those pineapples are strange looking, not like the ones here. They are rather elongated, an interesting food post!

  6. A very informative post arti..thanks a lot for sharing:)

  7. @Petty Witter
    The red thread known as moli or raksha dhaga is tied on the wrist on almost all religious or auspicious occasions.

  8. Lively and captive! These piles of fruit look delicious - i'm such a fan of pineapple! Hope you didn't stay so hungry for long!

  9. your doing a wonderful job dear ..very informative post ...thanks for sharing


  10. Thank you for the journey Arti (I almost feel as if I've been there!). I'd be happy eating some of that pineapple from the market.

  11. Wonderful blog, interesting with a lot of information and this post is so descriptive, its a perfect approach to this place!

  12. Hi Aarti Your blog is awesome..!! Thanks for sharing the information and lovely pictures!!!!

  13. hi arti, you can try an eggless version too...you can see my spongy tooti fruity cake which i have posted in my blog, ...am not able to give you the link, may be theres some prob....you do it just the way i have told in it, but use peanuts and chocochip instead of tutti-fruity and do it in a cup cake form...

  14. What a place.. thank you for sharing..

  15. can any one tell me how much money (INR) will I be spending on SAVA-MANI, i want to distribute prashad, do i order in advance?

  16. @Abhishek

    The Sava Mani Prasad is available in the Salasar Temple but I am not aware of the cost or whether you have to order in advance.

  17. Salasar Balaji Aap Sabki Manokamna Puri Kare.

  18. I had the privilege of visiting Salasar Balaji Dham in July and again in October 2017
    On both occasions, I stayed at Srijan Seva Sadan. This Dharamshala is at a walking distance from main temple.
    SSS is an excellent place to stay and they have very nice dining arrangements as well.

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