My First Guest Post

A couple of months back, I had got an invitation from George of OneTravel (offering cheap tickets) to do a guest post on his blog. And today it's going live! I am so excited to have it being published!! I am anxious too, to know your feedback.

The article is on one of my trips to Rishikesh, a Spiritual town in India.

Here’s a small preview of what I wrote

The city life had strained me out! The deafening commotions of a fast paced life, the buzz, the clamour… you know what I am talking about… its happened to you too! I wanted to run off from the daily drudgery to some place which could help me unburden this stress and fill me with calm and joy….

So please Click Here (I am sorry, this link is no longer active but you can click this link instead to read more on Rishikesh on my blog) right now to read the entire featured post.

Happy Reading! 

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  1. Lovely write up arti,really nice and thanks for the info as well

  2. This is the best writing I have read from you yet! I love the way you included The Beatles and the sages, just to give others an idea of where this is. And that bridge, I had to enlarge it! It looks so modern in a country such as this! Quite out of place in such a timeless place. So it is only a walking bridge, no vehicles? It is so long for a walking brideg, I've never seen anything quite like it. In this country, many people are supersticious about the number 13, seeing it as a bad omen, and many buildings skip the 13th floor. Your writing is descriptive and spiritual, yet kept me so interested. How cool that you were asked to do this, they picked the right person!!

  3. Great post the opening line.
    I have been to Rishikesh a long time ago..but I remember it exactly as you have described here!!
    Lovely article..Kudos:)


  4. Looks good to me.

    All the best, Boonie

  5. Congratulations..Great post. I'm always running off somewhere

  6. Kudos to you Arti. You have written it well. Keep sharing.

  7. A lovely post Arti. What a wonderful spiritual experience to have. I felt you were sharing it with me as you described it.

  8. Hi Arti!

    I just stopped by to say thank you for visiting my blog and alerting me I was on BPOTW - I have no idea how I got there!

    I normally post every week, but I'm a bit under the weather right now and just can't get inspired. I'll come back to visit you when I feel better, hopefully, SURELY next week!

    Thanks again!

  9. I'm so excited for you, I'm away to 'click here' now.

  10. Hi Arti, great news! The photo is very beautiful and i must go on reading your article - it starts so well! Of i go ;)

  11. Yeah, this is true that India is very rich in the religion none like this in the world.
    In India is atleast birth place of four major religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism.
    Thanks for visiting this religious city of Hinduism.

  12. Hey, we got a request from George as well, but when I went to the website, it appears that Wordpress has taken it down for a violation of the TOS. How long did it take from the time that you sent him the article until it was published?

    The Travel Documenters

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  14. Hi
    Very informative and excellent in description of your visit to Badrinath temple.
    Kindly inform me as when will be the best time to go and visit Badrinath comfortably without much rush and long queue.
    My e-mail ID:
    Expecting your advise.
    Thanks and Regards

  15. @ S Krishnamurthy Thank you for the kind appreciation :-)

    Best time to go acc. to me would be: Near its closing dates somewhere around October. During this time, the rains subside and the rush decreases so that we can have a peaceful darshan.

    Please have a look at some tips that you can keep in mind while planning your trip to the place - Tips for planning to Gangotri and Badrinath

    Wish you a wonderful journey to the Himalayas. :-)


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