Padharo Mhare Desh... Welcome to Rajasthan

It’s close to 7 am. I wipe my sleepy eyes and peep out of the train window. The city of Mumbai is far behind me. Rugged, rocky terrain with sand dunes adorning the landscape, the view outside tells me I am very near to my destination. Well, where am I headed??

Sand Dunes with Rugged terrain
[ Sand Dunes with Rugged terrain - View from the train ]

The land of valiance and chivalry, deserts with the golden sand dunes, royal palaces, invincible castles and forts, latticed havelis, intricately carved temples… Padharo Mhare Desh… Welcome to Rajasthan, one the most fascinating lands of India.

Ship of the desert - Camel
[ Welcome to Rajasthan ]

As it is my native place, I have been here many times before. And even today, whenever I get a chance, I feel compelled to return again and again. The charm of the destination is such… the exuberant celebrations, unique festivities, busy towns and quiet villages, camel safaris, men and women in colorful turbans and lehengas, friendly people, bustling bazaars, rich arts and crafts, sumptuous cuisine…first timer or a seasoned visitor, a heady fusion of all these excites one and all!

Which is why, we didn’t think twice before extending my Dad’s official trip into a spiritual one as well. Thus, in the summer of 2010, I along with my family boarded the Garib Rath Express from Mumbai…

I love Rajasthan; and as the train screeched to a halt… I felt a rising excitement as to what lay ahead… So what are you waiting for? Do join me and get ready to explore a small piece of a huge canvas - This beautiful state of Rajathan!!

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  1. hi arti,
    i am eagerly waiting to know more about rajasthan ,i have never visited ur part of india but i am sure i will soon :)
    your new layout n header looks very beautiful

  2. I love your photos.
    Thanks for this very interesting post.

    All the best, Boonsong

  3. How lovely to get to go home again Arti! Especially when home is such a beautiful place. Thanks for bringing us along on the journey.

  4. Arti
    Waiting eagerly for your posts on Rajasthan. I also another blogger friend from Rajasthan. I would like to know more of this enchanting place via your posts. You write beautifully.

  5. Lovely...Romantic Rajasthan ...loved the first one best

  6. superb rugged though romantic
    wish to be there for a month long vacation

  7. What a wonderful post, full of spectacular scenery and sounding quite romantic - I think this has all the ingrediants of a great book.

  8. I agree with Chitra - I am eagerly waiting for another Rajasthan post. I may have to cheat and google some more info... Thanks for sharing the love of your homeland

  9. Lovely pic and your blog looks very beautiful arti

  10. I have been only to Jaipur. And I loved the place. The people were warm and the place was seeped in history. So much to see.

  11. Good post! ur blog showcases photos from all parts of north india... i've nevr been in north india... wish to see the places oon...

  12. Hi Arti,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Rajasthan and kerala have been 2 destinations that I have been hoping to visit for long. Hopefully we will be able to make that soon and with your input on Rajasthan I will already be ahead of our plan.


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