Jhunjhunu - An Introduction


    After taking the darshan at the Khatu temple, I was in the village of my granny, Jhunjhunu. As soon as I step in the Rani Sati Temple complex, it’s not long before the ambience of royal splendor grips me. Situated around 175 Km from Jaipur and 100 kms ahead of Khatu, we reached Jhunjhunu in about 2 hrs.

[ The imposing entrance to the Rani Sati Temple – Jhunjhunu ]

 [ Side view of the main entrance ]

    A huge structure sprawling over a large area, the temple here is housed in a beautiful complex. The temple is more than 400 years old, but still whispers tales of feminine valor, commitment, love and motherhood. The main deity here is Rani Sati Dadi, a devoted wife who had committed sati (a ritual suicide of a widow on her husband’s funeral pyre…The entire story in the next post). She is today worshipped as a form of Shakti. The temple attracts a large number of devotees not only from Rajasthan but from all over the world. Administered by the Marwari Temple Board from Kolkata which is one of the wealthiest Temple trusts in India, it is said that earning of this temple amounts little less from that of Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Amongst one of the most ancient, glorious and truly magnificent temples of India, the grandeur of this outstandingly incredible masterpiece is beyond compare and mesmerizes me each time I visit it.

[ Beautiful carved, painted and decorated main entrance door ] 
[ One of the Wonderfully decorated and painted windows ]

    The Rani Sati Fair is one of the most popular fairs held in Rajasthan. On Bhado Amavasya (no-moon day) a special Pujan Utsav is held here. My grandmother often recounts how they used to celebrate the occasion at their home in Mumbai some 65 years ago (travelling was a luxury then), with bhajans being sung all night and bundi prasads being cooked and served to the whole colony. She has never ever visited the temple but her devotion towards Dadi is something of the very highest order.

Where to Stay, Eat

    Accommodation is provided within the campus of the temple with a variety of rooms (air-cooled, a/c rooms or ordinary rooms) to choose from. We stayed in an a/c room which costs Rs 500/day. The rooms are very clean and nicely kept. The well maintained rooms, the reasonable prices coupled with a peaceful ambience make it the best staying option in Jhunjhunu.

[ Jhunjhunu Temple complex showing rooms, 
there are almost thrice the  number you see here ]

    Within the temple premises, there is a huge dining hall catering to about 80-100 people at a time. This is the best place to have one’s meal while one is in Jhunjhunu. The food is freshly cooked, is tasty and is basic Rajasthani fare very similar to what I had described in my previous post on Khatu. The food is first offered as bhog to the goddess before being served to the devotees. Both lunch and dinner is available at a cost of Rs 40/thali.

Food timings:
Lunch - 12 noon, Dinner – 8 pm.
The timings are strictly followed and first one needs to buy a coupon which is available 2 hours or so before the meals. So, if you are planning to have your meal here then make sure to reach the place well in advance.

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  1. Hi,
    Came here from Indiblogger. Liked your blog, information is detailed and the photos are awesome too.

  2. Jhunjhunu temple is very beautifull and i can never such a beautifull structure near jaipur...it is amazing there are so many historically significant places that we may miss...thanks to you for sharing this wonderfull of this place and i am eagerly waiting for ur next post : )about the story related to this place....


  3. This temple looks really breathtaking - and i just love that india is so spiritual and honours spiritual people. Ah, you're lucky to be on this trip!

  4. Another great post with some amazing photos. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonsong

  5. Rani Sati devi- I have read her story when I was young.Such imposing temple. Good description as usual.

  6. What beautiful regal buildings - thank you so much for allowing us to visit them.

  7. I never knew that a place called Jhunjhunu will have such a big, majestic palace like temple premises. It looks so good. Few years back had been to Rajasthan but never heard of tis place!

  8. wow, the pictures were just wonderful... the temple was just majestic... looks very attractive... photos were as usual, very nice...

  9. The temple is very beautiful as your pictures always are Arti. Why has your granny never gone to see it? (As a granny myself, I would be interested to know if there is a cultural/generational reason or ? )

  10. Oh my god! Love your pictures! I will enjoy reading your blog. I'm going to follow you from now on...

  11. This a temple? Looks like a palace!!

  12. @ Sallie
    My Granny has lived in Mumbai all her life.And she has never been a travel person.She believes God is everywhere and having faith is the most important thing...
    Which she definitely does have in abundance!

  13. Hi Arti, thanks for the comment! THe photos on your blog are gorgeous! I really like the inner courtyard in this photo. Beautiful :D

  14. Arti,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came over to see what you're up to on your blog and have discovered mini-trips to holy places. I, too, love such peaceful places and love to stand in the center of soaring ceilings and feel the spiritual vibes.
    Thanks for your visit and comment. I'll return here for another uplifting photolook :)

  15. Hello Arti, this is an interesting building. I can see that it is really huge. Thanks for introducing this place ;-)

  16. This temple is absolutely beautiful. I find the artwork to be very intricate and detailed. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place with us.
    Thanks, too, for visiting my site.

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog, how did you happen to find me? You have a lovely blog, and your pictures are amazing!! So colorful and interesting! You travel quite a bit? Where are you living? This temple, I just can't imagine how long it would have taken to build it, it is quite something.

  18. In looking over some of your older posts, I was struck by the beauty and color of the Khatu post! Are you Indian? And living in Mumbai?

  19. Oh how I love visiting your blog. I long to go to India someday. Thank you for your detailed posts. I always leave feeling I've gleaned something worthwhile from my visit. Blessings galore, Caro.

  20. oh Arti! ...your words could stand proud on their own..."but still whispers tales of feminine valor, commitment, love and motherhood"

    I am so intrigued by the story and your photo's. would love to read more about your grandmother!

    I have never heard of Rani Sati Dadi

    and excuse me for asking but what does Rs 500 translate into, roughly in US dollars?

  21. @Shanon
    Rs. 500 is approximately 10$ !
    Thanks for stopping by:)

  22. My grandfather was from Jhunjhunu and my dad spent his childhood there. I have never been there and have planned a get-together with all my cousins in december. I know it will be freezing but I wanted to start from Jhunjhunu bcoz my family is from there.
    Your blog is lovely and provides valuable insight for my stay. Thanx.
    Can you tell me about other tourist attractions as we will be there for 3days.
    My travelogue, Footloose is posted on http://footloos.blogspot.com

  23. are the meals taken sitting or they have chairs and tables for those who can't sit on the floor.

  24. @drk_411
    The meals are taken on tables with chairs provided for sitting.

  25. hi..do you have phone no of this ranisati dham jhujhunu ..urgently ..if yes pls do mail meat creativesonu@gmail.com

  26. @ Anonymous
    Sorry I dont have the phone number, but there are plenty of rooms available, so there should be no problem.

  27. main apeni family ke sath dadi ke mandir ki visit karna chahat hu one night ke leye room ka kya charge rahega aur khane ka kya rahega
    one night - 6pm to 8 am - member stay - me my husband n my son

  28. @ Kumar
    I have given the room rates in the post. Also the thali rates, I have given.
    But the coupon has to be purchased for the thali before 6 pm.

  29. the thali rate is Rs.50 per head and the accommodation is available From Rs.50 to Rs.500 it Depends on You which type of rooms you want to take.

  30. Love your blog. Had no idea there's a place called Jhunjhunu. Let me subscribe to your blog to stay updated. Yay!

  31. My ancestors came from Jhunjhunu , Rajasthan to Bihar some 300 years back. I have to go there and search for my village some day

  32. Hi Arti very nice description.....been there a couple of time and planning next visit in near future. If you know the exact timing of darshan that would be great. :)

    1. Hello Amit! Glad to hear from you, thank you for your kind appreciation and for asking the darshan timings. :) Though I am afraid, I do not remember the exact timings now, but next time I go there, I will surely be making a note of this point, thanks to you. Happy travels!

  33. jai dadi ki . nice place . love to visit here

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