Photographs of Gujarat : From Here and There...

“You illumine the whole, wide realm of space,
You rise up facing all the groups of gods,
Facing mankind,
Facing everyone,
So that they can see the Light”
-     Rigveda (Sacred Hindu Scripture) on the Sun God.

[ Sunrise from the moving car on the Mumbai - Surat highway ]

The Surya Dev (Sun God) is driven in a one wheeled chariot pulled across the heavens by seven horses depicting the seven days of the week. Charioteer is Aruna believed to be the redness that accompanies the sunlight in dawn and dusk.

[ Surya Dev - God of light and wisdom at the Surat ISKCON ]

Also known as Tapi, she is revered as a Goddess in Hinduism. The origin of river Tapti can be traced to an ancient story, according to which during a fight between Tapti and her sister Yamuna, they both cursed each other to take the form of rivers.

[ River Tapti - daughter of Sun God ]

A very renowned poet-saint of Gujarat, Narsinh Mehta (also known as Narsi Mehta or Narsi Bhagat) was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. His devotion was such that the marriage of his daughter was performed by the Lord Himself!

[ Narsinh Mehta - A famous poet-saint of Gujarat ]

[ Flowers in full bloom at  the Vadodara ISKCON ]

[ Sadhus being distributed free lunch 
on the banks of the Gomti lake in Dakor ]

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  1. Beautiful Marigolds. I want to read your other posts Gujarat trip too. Shall come back again.

  2. Wonderful pics,flowers is also very beautiful..

  3. Beautiful photos, Arti!. I particularly liked the river photo :-)

  4. I like the verse you start this post with and what goegeous photographs - I especially like the 3rd one down and the colour of those marigolds is stunning.

  5. keep posting ... every bit spiritual makes my soul hubby likes your blog too and we are talking about coming to Gujarat..

    nice writeups that help us to plan, it would be also nice to give some tips about any hotel and special food and restaurants in that location...your blog is inspiring , people like us love to have all information we need to travel from a trusted source like you

  6. Lovely! The whole post just has a golden glow.

  7. beautiful photos,nice work!
    I like your blog for spiritual posting and made mi very delighted !

  8. Very nice. How often to you go on a teerth yatra?

  9. Cool pics... Actually I'm thinking of adding your link to my blog.. It's kinda inter-related!!! Very impressive!! Keep blogging!! This is mine.. Drop a visit! Kindly lemme know about your interest in inter-relating our blogs!!

  10. @ Satya
    Thanks for your valuable suggestions and feedback. So glad you like my blog and find it useful to plan your travels.
    I have tried to give information about the hotels or the places where I have stayed.
    I also have a seperate post in each of my trips on the local cuisine based on my personal experiences.

  11. @ radha
    I love to travel and by God’s grace I get to, very often :)

  12. Arti,
    How are you? Just visit your blog nice photography & post.Keep it up.

    Best Regards
    Rupam (fmXT from Sir blog)

  13. Dear Arti,

    i am just hoping that, that octopus prediction comes true :-) Are you watching the match tomorrow?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Hello Arti! Nice to know you. Those bright yellow flowers are so gorgeous and looking so good. Nice shot of the river. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Love the Rigveda. Beautiful. Lovely images too. :)

  16. These are all beautiful and interesting. I like the poem and the Surya Dev with horses.

  17. Arti a wonderful look at your world!LOve SWF for this with only a click!

  18. Thnx 4r visitng my blog and keeping a nice comment. Yr blog is nice and informative...will keep visiting it 4r more.
    Good Luck.

  19. I love the dawn shots - it looks as though the trees are illuminated!

  20. So nice to have you visit gallimaufry, Arti! I have enjoyed the spiritual side to your blog here, as well as a glimpse into India. There is a poem I think you would like called God's grandeur by Gerard Manley Hopkins:

    "The world is charged with the grandeur of God ... it will flame out, like shining from shook foil, it gathers to a greatness like the ooze of oil, crushed."

    Keep posting!

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog, Arti.... I am enjoying yours. I love the photos and your words/quotes... VERY nice... Pretty flowers also.

    Have a great week.

  22. Always interesting and informative! Thanks Arti!

  23. love the sunrise and flowers photos

  24. Beautiful photos, I especially like the first one of the sunrise. Thanks for visiting my page.

  25. I try and save your photo's for when I know I have the time to relax with them. as always, its a treat to stop by!

  26. your trip reminded of my summer vacations :)
    My majority of the aunts from mom's family are in gujarat, bhavnagar, ahemdabad, probandar :))
    Beautiful click!

  27. liked your blog arti..I love travelling too

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  29. Wow! What a beautiful Blog with wonderful pics!
    And thanks for looking at myself.

    Servus and great wishes from old Germany

  30. Beautiful pictures. I hear that Gujarath is one of the best states in India.

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