Sari Shopping in Surat

    Aptly called the textile capital of India – Surat is known all over the world for its beautiful and gorgeous Indian Saris, the traditional dress of India as also dresses and lehengas worn by the ladies. It is one of the greatest emporiums for sari trade in India. No wonder then, it is also a shopper’s paradise for every Indian woman who loves to drape herself in this classic and elegant 6 meter long cloth. Many of the textile markets here are wholesale in nature but some like New Bombay and Old Bombay textile markets are full of retail shops selling some of the best designer sarees, lehengas and other Indian dresses that are in the trend.

Here are a few pictures I clicked when I was recently at some of the textile cloth markets in Surat selling all kinds of beautiful sarees to woo the Indian shopper. The sight of the wide array of of saree collection in these markets and shops just made my jaw drop - there were pure silk sarees, cotton silk sarees, georgette sarees, bandhani sarees, kota sarees, plain sarees, party wear sarees, chiffon sarees, bridal wedding sarees, designer lehengas, fancy sarees, new sarees, old fashioned sarees, and so much more! You name it and it was there! For those who cannot go to the shops in person or don't have the patience to endure the persistent haggling by the shopkeepers, try looking for them online and you might just find yourself latest, trendy, exclusive designs of silk, cotton and designer Sarees suited to your needs. If you're lucky you might also land up some special offers online on the saree price.

Coming back to the post, let me not waste any more time and get straight to the business ... sari shopping! Come along, let's begin our online Sari shopping in Surat!

[ A View of the Old Bombay Textile Market in Surat ]

    Enter in any of these markets and all you will see is different types of colorful saris – heavy silks embellished with delicate works of zari, crepes embroidered with elaborate threadwork, printed chiffons, georgettes and many many more - all in unique designs and vibrant colors.

[  Beautiful Sarees stacked up for sale ]

    If you bargain tough, chances are you will leave the market smiling with a good quality sari for a very reasonable price. Most of the shops here have saree prices slashed to more than half of the actual price, the reason why Surat is famous as the textile hub of India. We had entered the Old Bombay textile market just to get a feel of the sari shopping mania. When we left, my mother had her hands full!!

[ Colorful Plain Sarees online - Take you pick! ]

POST UPDATE: This post is updated with latest saree pictures online from Surat 2018 Location: Milennium textile Market M4, Surat.

Cotton silk designer Sarees online Surat cloth market

M4 Milennium Textile Market is one of the leading textile markets in Surat.
Look at the array of boxes lined up here - they are all to be dispatched
in the various saree lehenga shops inside the market.

Surat wedding bridal Saris online wholesale retail textile market

Various saree shops in Surat at a glance.

Surat bridal saris online sale millenium textile market
Wipro -Silk Mills. Sharda's Silk Mills, Kapoor Lehanga Suits and Sarees to name just a few.
The competition is very very tough out there,
so many shops, all selling the same stuff packaged differently - sarees, lehengas, dress materials
the best sarees that you can get anywhere in Surat!

Surat fancy designer Saris online market

Workers in Surat Textile market taking a quick break - sorting, packaging, dispatching,
life is not easy for them either.

Surat Indian Saris - wedding saris online

A glimpse of the saree shops inside the cloth market in Surat.

Surat Indian Saris online wholesale market
Surat Saris dress lehenga silk shops online market

Colorful ,vibrant and beautiful saree lehenga suit collection inside one of the shops.

Surat silk cotton Saris dress lehenga online retail market
Best online designer Saris lehenga dress from retail market Surat

Take your pick!

Millenium M4 Textile Market Timings:

10 AM to 9 PM. Sunday Closed.

Millenium M4 Textile Market Address:

Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat, India.

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