Flavors of Gujarat

    Food has always played a major role in the Gujarati society. Primarily vegetarian, their cuisine is a reflection of the community’s cultural links with the past which is probably the reason why they are also very passionate about it. I am personally very fond of Gujarati food… sweet and spicy, hot and tangy… a meticulous blend of a host of different spices ensuring that unique flavor and distinct taste…Ymmm!!

    A traditional Gujarati thali consisting of dal, shaak, theplas, rice, salads, pickles, a bowl of khichdi, basundi topped with a cool glass of chaas…sheer bliss!! But what gets me hooked are their irresistible snacks like the spongy khaman dhoklas, soft khandvis, sweet and spicy patras or the variety of crispy crunchy farsans which are absolutely mouth watering. I got a chance to taste some of these very delectable food items during my trip to Surat and Vadodara.

    As I am writing this, I am already starting to feel hungry and I am sure you are too! So, dig in the array of photos and grab your share of the local flavors of Gujarat before it’s all finished up!!!

Sweet, soft and fluffy - Khaman Dhokla (steamed gram flour cakes), a traditional and the most popular Gujarati snack served with tampering of green chillies and loads of coriander. If you are in Gujarat, you just can’t miss this!

[ Soft and spongy Khaman Dhokla ]

Sweet and spicy patras (skillfully rolled colocasia leaves) served with delicious chutney, another Gujarati starter makes for a wonderful snack.

[ Sweet and spicy Patras ]

And then there is this thin, crisp, crunchy fried farsans which you can get at any of the wayside stalls accompanied with the divine papaya chutney.

[Crisp and crunchy farsans]

A way to beat the sweltering heat of Gujarat…

[ Refreshing Sugarcane Juice with a dash of ginger, lime and masala ]

    Gujarati food is distinctively sweet but I think the Gujjus (as the Gujarati’s are fondly called) are sweeter…their hospitality coupled with the love for their food…a perfect combination making this Gujarati cuisine every gourmet’s delight!

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  1. i love gujrathi food too, esp dhokla, so yummy pics...

  2. A none meat eater myself I would love to try all these, especially the sugarcane juice.

  3. These pics are so good and now I am hungry :-)

  4. I love dhoklas! They look great and appetizing! I'd love to have some!

  5. I love the thali and the crunchy farsans too...
    thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours... following you.

    So nice to meet you!

  6. This sounds most interesting and delicious. I'm not familiar with the food of this region but I'm trying to expand my horizons. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Delicious! You've made me so hungry!

  8. Hmm, the food looks great. I sure would like to try it!

  9. I had a Gujarati thali at Thackars in Mumbai early this year. I still can recollect the taste. It was delicious. This post has only made me hungry.

  10. Hello,

    What a nice entry about Gujrat.. I have never been there, but I have always heard good stuff about the place.

    The food looks yummilicious too.

    - Reenie

  11. Sweet food is my achilles heel and this all sounds and looks delicious.

    Thanks for dropping by on my BON day and leaving your sweet comments behind.

  12. food on the photos look good:)
    thanks for stopping by my blog btw!

  13. Thank you for your information and wonderful cusine.

  14. Oh Arti -- just finished breakfast and its a good thing! That food looks soooo delicious. And your descriptions make my mouth water. Yummmm!!!

  15. I am DEFINITELY starting to feel hungry. Beautiful photos and great post.

  16. Really great blog- so nice to meet you- My husband and I love to cook Indian food so it is so nice to learn more about the different regions-

    I love your photographs too- you have a great eye.

  17. hey, great blog here.
    Food is always a BIG part of my travels..
    btw thanks for the commnent on TRa-well


  18. i bumped by another blog ur blog is lovely!

  19. I have stayed in Guj all my life and I am an adopted Gujju ;) I am a stickler for Gujju food. Liked your patra and khandvi pic

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  21. When I started my first job I was posted to Gujarat as an Area Sales Manager - the greatest benefit of being there was the chance to experience great Gujju food and hospitality :) To this day, I won't let up on a chnace to devour a Gujarati thali or snack on farsan :)

    Great post, and thanks for reviving my fond memories!

  22. Amazingly yummy pics. Love this post about Gujarati food as I belong to Ahmedabad . Keep up the good work . Waiting for more .


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