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    We were very fortunate to stay in ISKCON, Varanasi - The holiest of all cities. It is centrally located at Durga kund road near the Durga kund Police chowki. Unlike the ISKCON in Allahabad where there was no charge for the life members, here we were charged Rs. 300/- per day. The rooms here were very clean and well maintained. Moreover, the Prasadam (bhog presented to Lord Krishna) offered by ISKCON is pure and Saatvik and very home like. Staying at ISKCON amidst the Krishna bhaktas is always a wonderful experience.
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However, if you aren’t a member and wish to stay here then do check out if they allot rooms to non members and the relevant charges.

Contact details:

Hare Krishna Mandir, International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON):
B 27/80 Durgakund Rd., Near Durgakund Police Station, Varanasi UP 221 010
Tel: (0542) 246422 or 222617 or 07376471566.

        Besides ISKCON, however, there are a variety of hotels, ashrams and mutts in Varanasi and can choose from among them according to one’s budget.

Hotels like Scindia Guest House, Palace on Ganges, Ganpati Guest House, Hotel Ganges View are very close to the ghats and offer rooms with a view of the river. These are good if you want to experience the full ambience and the scenic beauty of the city but may be a bit on the expensive side.

        If you are running on a modest budget, Varanasi offers a range of hotels and ashrams/dharmshalas for such tourists. Search the internet to get the contact numbers (some of them even have their own websites) of these hotels.

    It’s advisable to book your place of stay beforehand to avoid any inconveniences on reaching there. Though, make sure to keep factors such as the room cleanliness, power cuts, facilities being offered such as the A.C., Geyser and its proximity to the main ghats in mind before booking one.

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  1. hi Arti..ur posts made me go emotional...
    i've lived in varanasi..for 12 long was sad to leave..but ur article made me go back in time .. wonderful..
    and yes...regarding the varanasi..u missed it out ..probably..!!

  2. Hi Arti,
    I want to know the quality of rooms and bathroom at ISKCON varanasi,

    is there an AC and how are the toliets and bathrooms maintained.

    we are planning to stay there when we go in august and just wanted to check reeg this.


  3. Hi Vidya,
    The rooms and bathrooms, both are clean and reasonably well maintained.
    The bathroom is very spacious too.

    There are ac rooms also available but we did not require them as we had visited in january and it was very chilly then.
    Check about the running of a/c as there is frequent load shedding.
    Overall I feel it is a great place to stay in!!

    If you need any further clarifications you can feel free to ask me here...
    Have a great trip!!!

  4. Thanks Arti, if i have further questions, i shall ask you again..

    thanks a lot

  5. Hello Arti,

    Please keep up the good work. I was teaching about Ashoka to my kid. And, google made me to land here. I felt very emotional about all these places that I miss. I also felt sad that how ITDC can missing in making a fortune by attracting foerigh $s to maintain these places in good health.

  6. Hi....
    I went to durgakunda mata temple and also saw police chowky but unluckly i did't reach at the iskcon temple... Can any one help me...

  7. Hi ,

    I am planning to visit Varanasi in July first week. I am a non member and Isckon has confirmed my accomodation for Rs. 600 per night.
    I was wondering how far is Isckon from the ghats? How do you get to ghats walking or rickshaw?


  8. @neena

    Hi neena,

    ISKCON is quite near to the ghats, around 15 to 20 minutes walking distance if I can remember correctly. But I would suggest you to take a cycle rickshaw to Assi ghat from ISKCON, that will be more convenient than walking the entire distance.

    Besides, the Durga temple and tulsi manas temple are walkable distance from ISKCON and you dont need to take a rick for that.

    For further info on Varanasi, you can check out some more posts on the blog here ->

    Do let me know if you have any further queries... Wish you a wonderful time :-)

  9. Hi Arti
    Iam planing to vist Varansi around 20th oct 2012. Is it possible to stay near by ghat in rs 400/per or should i stay in dharamshalas, if u know pls suggest me one.Is it advisble to go to the other side of the river..sorry for the trouble pls reply.

  10. @Rakesh

    The entire Varanasi ghat stretch has a lot of stay options to choose from suited to the budget of every traveller. But since I has stayed in ISKCON guest house, I wouldn't know the exact names of the hotels/dharmshalas and the quality of rooms,etc.

    I have not been to the other side of the river either, I think you can enquire about its safety once you reach there itself from the locals there.

    Please feel free to ask any info that you may want and I will try to help to the best of my knowledge. Wish you a wonderful trip :-)

  11. Hi Aarti, I am planning to stay at Iskcon Varanasi . How big are the rooms can it accomodate 4 people as I would be accompanied by my Wife and adult children.Are there Geysers in Bathrooms .

    1. Hi,

      The room which we had stayed in was double bedded, and could accommodate only two persons. I am not sure about the availability of a four bedded room but even if they dont have it, I can suggest you to take two adjacent double bedded rooms.

      About geyser, there was a common geyser on the floor from where we could fill the bucket of hot water and bring it to our room. It may sound like a tedious job like that, but I think it should not be a issue.

      Still, it would be advisable if you could contact them and confirm about the same as the scenario now to what it was when we had stayed there might have changed.

      Shubh yatra :-)

  12. namasthe aarti ji we a group of 8adults &4 children are visiting kasi vishwanath on 27th of march 2013.for accommodation,can we have any one line booking of rooms at ISKCON?

    1. Hello thrivikramji,

      Sincere apologies for late reply. I am not aware if ISKCON Varanasi has online booking facility. You may confirm more on this by calling on the numbers provided in the post.

      Thanks and happy journey.

  13. thanks for sharing this valuable information.through this people can solve this question where stay in varanasi.

  14. Arti sister, Thank you for the details they are very useful!!! God bless you dear!

  15. नमस्कार आरती जी,
    आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद जो आप सबकी इतनी मदद करते हो.
    हम तिन भाई २४ जनवरी २०१५ को काशी में रात को १:३० बजे पहुचं जायेंगे तो हमे एक रात के लिए कोई रहने की जगह बताये (रात में भी ट्रांसपोर्ट मिल जाता हे) हम लोग पहली बार काशी जा रहे हे. हमे भोलेनाथ के दर्शन करने हे और उसी दिन ट्रेन से वापस निकलना हे
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    पूर्वांग जोशी,

  16. I along with my wife intend to visit Varanasi on 26.11.2017 to 29.11.2017. Kindly inform me the availability ISKCON Guest house during the period mentioned and its tariff with A/C

    1. Dear Tusharkantiji, I'm afraid I don't have the availability details. Suggest you to directly contact ISKCON guest house for the information. Thank you.

  17. Hi arti 300rs is for per person or for each room. If we checkin at morning 10am and check-out next day at 10am then it could be one day to another day would be counted

  18. How far it is from Biswanath Mandir and rail station


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