My Allahabad Journey in Photos - I ( Where to stay - ISKCON, Where to Eat, Anand Bhawan )

A Single Photograph Speaks More Than A Thousand Words

Covering My Allahabad Yatra (Journey) in Two Parts - First Being This And The Second Part Covering The Magh Mela.

Reaching Allahabad...


[ Rains catching us unawares at Allahabad railway station ] 

ISKCON Temple Allahabad 
Where I Stayed
 [ Entrance ]

 [ Temple ]

 [ Guest House]

[ View from the Guest House Terrace] 

[ View from verandah ] 


[ Fresh Vegetables in Garden ]

[ Goushala (Cow Shed) ] 

Bikanervala, Civil Lines



A Lovely Mansion - Anand Bhawan 


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  1. hello aarti nice photographs they are speaking more than words

  2. Those are lovely. My favorite is the View from the Terrace, the muted blues and purples are spectacular.

  3. Yes, still a picture is worth a thousand words. Interesting.

  4. The ceiling at Bikanervala is fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your lovely comment about my photos.

  5. sunset over the tracks is breathtakingly beautiful. what type of tree is that in the background? (I've got a thing for trees)

    always enjoy your photo's Arti - thank you for sharing!

  6. @ Green Monkey
    Hello Shannon,
    Thanks for your encouragement..
    I had shot that pic very early in the morning during my train journey to Allahabad.
    As far as the tree is concerned, I am not aware but probably its a jungle tree with no significance as such!!

  7. loved the ceiling!...lovely photos...loved the first one!

  8. I loved Allahabad when i visited there 6,7 years back.
    Its a nice city with lot many places to visit.
    My fav was Anand Bhawan.
    Now my Best Friend lives there, who may also comment on this post.

  9. Nice pics,that too where currently i m doing joy !!
    nice pics !!!!!

    plz do visit my blog too---

  10. Stumbled upon your blog and nice to have! Is Anand Bhawan the south Indian veg restaurant chain? or is it different?


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