My Allahabad Journey in Photos - II (Magh Mela)

Along the way to the Triveni Sangam...

 [ Pilgrims coming from all directions with a 
single goal of taking a holy dip at the Sangam]

[ Security men at the Mela ]

  [ Look at the crowds we were a part of !!]

[ Gathering of Sadhus in one 
of the various religious camps ]

[ An elderly couple enjoying the chaats ]

[ Giant wheel at the Mela ]
 [ Temporary Colonies during the Mela ]
[ Hanuman Temple near the Sangam ]
 At the Triveni Sangam...

 [ Crowds eager to cleanse their souls ]

[ Taking a holy bath ]
[ Coconuts, lamps and flowers
for offerings to the holy river ]
 [ Seeking blessings from the 
waters of the Holy Sangam ]

 [ A sage makes his way out ]

 [ Performing Charity ]

 [ Spot the TV vans and a 
Watch Tower in the background ]

[ Devotees performing a ritual ]  

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  1. nice travel blog though not really frm photographiv point of view but very interesting. i wonder why all ur pics r vertical ?

  2. Really appreciate ur comments. I admit I am not a great photographer and I will definitely put up horizontal pics next time.

  3. Very interesting....traditional clothing and western style.

  4. Visiting from WOW's Photo Gallery. These photos are wonderful. I can almost hear the noise and feel the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

  5. Visiting from WOW. These are such interesting pictures of customs that most Americans never see. I was most fascinated by the size of the crowds. Thanks for sharing these! Kathy

  6. Also visiting from WOW. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures, they are interesting to look at because it is not something we see here in the United States.

  7. I love the crowd shots, it really captures a feel of the place. Visiting from WOW.

  8. I am travelling through your blog.thanks Arti!

  9. lovely! complete vibs are visible in the pics.


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