My Rishikesh Journey in Photos - II

Dayananda Ashram in Rishikesh

[ My Room ]

[ Verandah ]

[ View from Verandah ]

[ Guest House ]

[ Ganga Temple ]

[ Temple Hall ]

 [ Swamiji's Kutiya ]

[ Library ]

[ Stunning View from Ashram Facade ]

[ Private Ghat ]

[ Eating Hall ]

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  1. Hi Arti...lovely pics. I am planning to go to this ashram in August. Can you please let me know more details like - should we pay for staying, what is the atmosphere like, how are the people know just to get a feel of it...since this is my first trip there...would like to know.

    Thank you.

  2. @Anonymous

    The ashram stay is free of cost. There is no fixed tariff and you can donate according to your will before leaving the place. Plus there are two meals a day and afternoon/morning tea that is provided for free. The people are very good and hospitable too.

    The ashram is very peaceful and right on the bank of the Ganges. Its clean, silent and the great views of the mountain with the Ganga river flowing alongside make for a very nice retreat if you are looking for a quiet place in the town.

    Wish you a happy trip…

  3. I will be travelling to Rishikesh late August. Do I need to make a reservation for this ashram?

  4. Hello David,

    Though it is not mandatory to make a reservation for the ashram stay but I would strongly suggest you to do so, so as to avoid any last minute hassles.

    Contact numbers for Dayanand Ashram: 01352430769

  5. I planned to travel with whole family(7 members),should we get big rooms like 4bedrooms or 7 bed rooms so that we can accommodate in one room or two. How is the weather in august. plz reply soon we will reach their on 6th august morning 7:00am.

  6. @ Anonymous
    The number of rooms depends on your choice and availability of rooms...
    You can contact the ashram authorities with this regard on the numbers given above... Again information on weather too they can provide, whats its like at this moment...
    They are nice helpful people.
    Wish you happy journey.

  7. Hari Om. I visited Rishikesh and stayed at Sri Swami Dayanand Ashram for one day only on 13th June 2002.It was so serene & enchanting that I have planned revisit on 12th june2012 for a full week and wish to stay in Ashram only alnogwith my wife. Kindly provide arrangements for our said stay at Ashram. Please inform your tel.Mob. nos & e mail address. With regards, Prakashchandra
    Joshi, PUNE, Mah. Tel. 020-24341527
    Mob. 09373311460, E-mail


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