Friday, April 17, 2015

River Ganga, Feminity and P.U.R.I.T.Y

THEY say, SHE is 'Dirty'.
SHE is infected. Contaminated. Poisonous.

A piece of my heart chips.
How can it be? I cry.
SHE is my Mother! The Divine Feminine Energy.

Haven't you heard... She roars down from the matted locks of The Shiva? The Supreme?!

Pure flowing River Ganga

Haven't you seen Her... Oh, how joyfully she prances!

Dancing gracefully.
From some point beyond.
Unabashed. Unobstructed. Unhindered.

Haven't you felt Her?
Her motherly love... It's striking!
Pure and feminine. Compassionate, Giving and Kind.

Of course, they snap back.
But, the statistics are the proof.

Shocking facts ring a numbing alarm...
Sad but indeed, I have to admit.

BUT, WAIT! I affirm.

How people dirty River Ganga

Haven't you seen THEM too?
Bathing. Washing Clothes. Dumping Sewage.
Haven't you known THEM too?
Fake Pundits. Hypocrite Pilgrims. Shrouded devouts.

And so, I ask:

Who is DIRTY, really?

Mother Ganga - The Divine Feminine Energy


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