Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What to do in Rameshwaram? Walk the Shores of Agni Teertham!

The sea is where I belong.
Meet me that place -
where the music meets the ocean.

---------------------------------- **** ----------------------------------

When in Rameshwaram, take the sea side on a balmy day. Maybe...  not necessarily to pray. Or bathe. Or perform any rituals. But, just to wander. And question curiously...

... will this cacophony awaken my senses?

... will the stories inspire my devotion?

Shivlingam at Sacred sea - Agni Teertham, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Dear Divine Soul,

Remove your slippers and step onto the sacred pilgrim shores of Agni Teertham. Feel the blanket of the slivery coarse sand particles beneath your tender feet. That’s nature’s very own red brown carpet for you!

Sacred sea shore - Agni Teertham at Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Walk the carpet, wading your way through the waste strewn around carelessly and enter her heavenly realm. Let the wavelets sigh and quiver in a lacy froth around your toes. Let the wavelets sing and croon in a soulful melody soothing your restless mind.

Sacred sea shores - Agni Teertham, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

As you wade deeper, feel her incipient power as she gently tugs and buffets at you. She has the power to absolve you of all your impurities, of all your sins, whatever that means to you. She did that for Lord Rama and for the Fire God, Agni eons ago.

Today, she is willing to do the same for you too. Would you Do you trust her enough to let her waters guide you? To anchor you to your beautiful heart, tame the wild in your mind, to let your spirit run free?

Do you wish to gently sail through the waters of life?

Boats at Sacred sea - Agni Teertham, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Then, come on. Step on.
Believe in her magic.

The sea, seemingly absorbed yet ever present hears your prayers, seals your wounds - and mine. She wastes no time to pull us deeper into her being. Until we no longer linger around, in our aloneness - unconnected, fragmented in multiple layers of caste, creed, religion or gender, instead, come together, merge as one large family to her.

Breathe in the air deeply. Inhale the scent. Is it heavy?

Heavy with intoxicating prayers of those who believe.... These are prayers that are rooted in stoic beliefs, stories that have drawn them to her since times immemorial. They know it's true. That they themselves, as much as their beloved who are no more... their ancestors, they can be freed from all and any bondages too.

Close your eyes and mediate on the thrum of the chants until the gates of your heart flung open and a gush of joy flies over the sea. That is the moment when you will be duly awed, humbled because you have been in there, with her, immersed in all your flaws, all your imperfections - naked and alone. And yet, you shall be accepted. Wholeheartedly. Without any question. Without any instance of a query.

Feel her love!

A man with a conch at Agni Teertham, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Stand your ground, plant your toes. Soon you will be pushed. To see the light. The kind of light that beams on the faces and in the smiles of little children. Her children. Innocent. Pure. Raw. Unbridled.

Immerse in those moments.

Who's joyous, who's corrupted... who prays with a sincere heart, who litters garbage... With keen eyes, she watches, searches each soul with a roving eye. She knows all. You can't do wrong and get by.

Truly blessed are those who sweep her heart and chip her soul, with their sincere love and care. A love that manifests in their desire to give her their all, to help her breathe, wash her clean, keep her happy. 

Dear Divine Soul,

When in Rameshwaram, spend some time by her side - the sacred shores of the Agni Teertham. Take some time to sit, ponder, wander, contemplate and stare. There is chaos. There is cacophony. There is rush. There is madness. Get past that. Rather, see past that. And then, you shall discover beauty.

Her beauty.

Beauty in the free flowing ripples that caress your weary soul. Beauty in the endless waves that bring you a beautiful gentle song from some great Musician who lives in the infinities beyond...

Sunset at Sacred sea - Agni Teertham, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Music that binds souls in a thread of surrender, faith and devotion.
Music that has healing power.
Music that is a reminiscence to her timeless power.
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