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Raman Reti or Raman Van in Old Gokul, Vrindavan

Our first stop enroute to Vrindavan from Mathura is Raman Reti or Raman Van in Old Gokul, a few kms. off and approximately 45 minutes away from Mathura. The first thing that catches our eye here is a deer sanctuary. People flock around to catch a glimpse of the innocent and friendly creatures and the best thing is that these deer’s are quite willing to oblige.

Deer park in Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Deer Sanctuary

A stones throw from this sanctuary is the Raman Reti compound. True to its name, it is filled with sand (reti) and is reminiscent of the past when Lord Krishna would frequent here along with His brother Balarama and cowherd friends to indulge in leisurely plays (raman). It is also the place where He would meet His love, Radha before leaving for Vrindavan together.

Raman Reti compound, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Raman Reti compound

In the precincts is a beautiful Radha Krishna Temple, the environment of which is very much similar to Govind Devji temple of Jaipur but it is much smaller in size and grandeur.

Temple, Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Radha-Krishna Temple

Main deity room at Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
The Beautiful deity of Radha and Krishna in the temple

A group singing at the Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
A group singing devotional hymn to the Lord

Just adjacent to this, a Shiva temple and a Krishna Balarama Temple stand in the premises.

Raman Reti ground temple complex, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Shiva Temple to the left of the picture and the Balarama Temple to the right

A shivlingam at the Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
The Shivling inside the Shiva temple

Besides the temples, there is a residential area for ascetics and sages. The entire setting has a rural village feel with cottages and trees and the peace this place exuded was remarkable.

Huts of the resident sages, Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Residential huts

Raman Reti grounds, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
People relaxing in the 'Ret (divine sand)' at the Raman Reti compound

Next to it is an Annapurna Bhandar or a Kitchen where food is cooked for the Lord and the tenants.
Annapurna Bhandar at Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Annapurna Bhandar

Right next to Raman Reti is the Rangbihariji temple located in the famous Karshni ashram dedicated to the great saint Gyandasji of the 18th century. However, we had to miss this place due to lack of time.

Shree Udasin Karshini Ashram, Raman Reti, Gokul-Mathura,Uttar Pradesh
Shree Udasin Karshini Ashram

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  1. Good narration and pictures.

  2. Once again a wonderful post. Vridavan has remained elusive for me. When I traveled to Mathura, I had my wife with me. She was a patient of arthritis and could not tax her. The deer park seems to be too good.

  3. This place is on way to Baldeo from Mathura and I pass by every year at least once:)Thanks a lot Arti for this lovely post!

  4. Very nice and informative travelogue.

  5. Another wonderful and fascinating post and terrific captures for the day, Arti, as always! I do love the history that you include! The deer are delightful! Hope your week is going well!


  6. hi arti

    raman reti looks like a wonderful place to visit, and the story of gyandasji is amazing after i did a little googling, i am enjoying every bit of this post

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  7. Wow the temples were simply amazing

  8. So beautiful Arti! What a nice idea of having a deer sanctuary - they should be everywhere in the world!

  9. Both the Shiva and the Balarama Temples are very pretty, they do not look very old. And here is one that you were allowed to take picture inside!

  10. I did not know that there is so musch to see in and around Mathura.. Wobderful coverage Arti..!

  11. Great to read your post.Thanks for sharing.Thanks.

  12. The colors of the kitchen are so beautiful. I love the way the huts are set up.
    I have only recently discovered your blog. I am very interested in India so this is a perfect place to visit. Thank you.

  13. Nice pics Arti! As I was reading this post, I realized how different types of people live here with different ambitions and purposes. There are some who work to have a better life today and tomorrow. There are some who already know they have a better life and live in spirituality. And our country has place for both!

  14. The doors of annapurna bhandar are so colourful and different, this is what I miss in today's architecture..no cahracter..

  15. What lovely shots of this compound. Looks like a great place to unwind for a while.

  16. Interesting travelogue with well captured photos

    thanks for sharing

  17. Nice photography with nice write up...

  18. Nice one as usual. I especially like the pic of the black buck.

  19. Very interesting. I wish that you visited the last place. :)

  20. I'm curious about the sand. Is this near the sea? I love how beautiful it is and so serene.

  21. As always interesting and informative. I'd love to stay here.

  22. good one .. and thanks for all the pictures.. the deer looks healthy ..


  23. very interesting..temples look calm & divine
    Tasty Appetite

  24. I think we should plan a week's trip and cover all these places close to Mathura. Lovely pictures and I would love to see the deer sanctuary.

  25. I like the photo of the deer - their antlers are very different looking from our deer here. They are mighty long! The dappled light in the photos is wonderful. The temples are beautiful. Thanks for another enlightening post Arti! Happy day to you.

  26. So insightful! It is such an interesting and hard to explain feeling to walk in the same place that Krishna used to, right? It makes us realize that in spite of the thousands of years, some place continue being auspicious!

  27. Fantastic photographs, beautiful places. I am greeting

  28. Not surprisingly at all, a wonderful post :-)

  29. beautiful pics and narration

  30. A lovely tour (thank you for leading it ;>)! I really do feel as if I'd been there and learned a great deal. The quiet warm sand seems like it would be a good place to meditate.

  31. As you might know, here we have deer sanctuary in Nara Park too because they have been considered to be God's messengers. What about those deer in the sanctuary? The antlers look different from the ones here. Do they naturally come off? Here they are to be cut off in fall to keep them from fighting or hurting trees or visitors. The antlers cutting ceremony became one of attractions here.
    Thank you for taking us another pilgrimage tour.

  32. Wonderful post. :)


  33. I like the residential huts...

  34. This is very interesting and fascinating. I was absolutely blown away but the complexity and the colors of Indian temples and traditions. I've visited many and next time I go to India I'll be certainly tackling some more ;)

  35. Nice to know there is a deer sanctuary in your part of the world, too. Your deer looks quite different from ours in Nara Park: he has such a long antler and the two-tone color of soft brown and white is lovely. The row of residential huts and the shade of trees create peaceful atmosphere and the temples are beautiful. Thanks for this tour with you, Arti.


  36. Raman Reti looks so exotic, a dream. I am sure that everything feels different, closer over there. :)

  37. @ cosmos, stardust
    The antlers of the deer are not cut as far as I know. Lord Krishna used to love animals so this Deer Park is maintained here along with a small bird sanctuary which unfortunately I could not capture. There is also a deer park at Sarnath where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment.

  38. Interesting shots. I would like to see inside the kitchen to understand what sorts of appliances, if any, were used to prepare the Lord's meals.

  39. i am so glad for the opportunity to be learning with you some words and some culture from your country from your very well narrated travelogue, and beautiful pictures too.

  40. Thank you for the virtual tour.

    I had a great day.

    Wish you the same.

  41. Awesome post Arti. Beautiful pics and excellent descriptions.

  42. the way you put it in your blog along with pictures, you make a non traveler travel all over the world!

  43. lovely place with a history of romance!!
    wonderful post!

  44. Your photos are always so interesting!

  45. Your deer is different from ours. The antler is longer than ours. Now,in Nara park,male deers'antlers have grown and I discovered those antlers have short fluffs.
    The flower pattern on the wall in the 4th picture is lovely and interesting.
    Have a fabulous week!

  46. Dear Arati
    How are you? Finally here after many months! It seems I missed many posts , will start reading from the 1st post on Braj-bhumi...Never knew there is no much to see around in Mathura, Gokul and Vrindavan. I have only gone once to these places , that too way back in 1985 or so !! It is just 11/2 hr drive from my home!!! Let the rain start and if I am back then, I am going to see all these places.
    By the way ...I always hire one priest whenever I visit any religious place. It is always good to have a priest Handy so that others dont pester. But this priest is also a menace , as he will pester you to give puja here and there , give dakshina etc etc. And yes as u said , this is the time one has to apply instinct!
    Let me start reading from the very beginning. Your postings are a great treat indeed .
    Have a nice week

  47. I was lured to sit on the sands through your photos. Wonderful place and it looks so magical.

    Thanks for bringing us in all of these stories and spiritual journeys.

  48. Vrindavan is a must visit for me. The only time I was there was a hurried visit and we couldn't take in anything. :(

  49. Arti, The horns on that deer look like nothing I've ever seen. It seems like an animal from a mythical tale! Your bustling, colorful photos show the life in your part of the world. Happy day to you!

  50. I want to know, that can 200 people have their lunch at annapurna bhandar. I am travelling there with 200 people. Can i have the phone number of raman reti?

  51. Can 200 people have lunch there at annapurna bhandar

  52. @Yash I have no idea on the number of people it can accommodate or its telephone number. Sorry about that.

    Wish you a happy journey.

  53. Just want to add, you mistook Shiv temple for Balram Temple and Navgrah Temple for shiv temple.

    Around 500 people can have prasadam there.

    Phone no of Karsni Ashram Ramanreti is
    Contact address :

    Sri Udasin Karshni Ashram,
    Ramanreti, Mahavan P O
    Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.
    INDIA. PIN - 281 305
    Phone: 91 - 05661 - 272225/272065

    1. sir this no is not reachable i mean line is going non stop busy. can i have any mobile no of the ashram.

  54. जय जय श्री राधे ।

    आपका पोस्ट वास्तव में पूर्ण और सुन्दर है ।
    वैसे मैं यहाँ कई बार गया हूँ । इस आश्रम के पीछे एक अति सुन्दर सरोवर का निर्माण हुआ है ।
    शायद जब आपने ये पोस्ट लिखा हो वो निर्माणाधीन हो । यमुना महारानी के एक दम किनारे
    पर ये आश्रम है । भागदौड़ से एक दम अलग शांत और प्रकृतिमय ।


  55. Does a woman suppose to stay at home for a day and not get out of home after returning back from gokul yatra?


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